Today I wanted to tell you about feeling regret.

Do you regret certain things in your life?

If you’re a person older than 2, you probably do ;)

I used to have a lot of regrets.

Now I try to see everything as opportunities to learn and grow.

And I also think (beliefs I want to have) that I always make the right decision and take the right action. So at the time, that was the best decision and action I could take.

But still, sometimes I get thinking about how I could have this if I didn’t have done that.

A regret that keeps coming to me is selling the house we used to have in Expo. I really loved the house, but at the time, I also wanted to sell it. And now I only see what I lost, but I don’t remember what I gained.

The truth is that it’s really hard to evaluate situations after you’ve gone through them.

Your own perception of everything changes. You focus on some things and forget the others. If it’s a regret – you focus on the good and forget about the bad!

Everything is a perception anyway. Even the way I see my house now. I know that I could see it as the most amazing place in the world. My kids want to live here for the rest of their lives LOL :)

But here I’ve decided to focus on what I lost instead of focusing on what I have gained.

Sometimes, even if it’s just for a moment, I can see what I lose if I get out of here. When I decide to sell the house, for example, I start missing things about it. I start to think: I won’t see my plants or this garden. I won’t be able to take a walk here, and so on.

But no matter what, sometimes that regret about the house creeps up again.

So I loved the suggestion one of my coaches said the other day.

And the suggestion is to ask, about your regrets:

What is this about?

So for me, what is this about? What is this regret about my house in Expo really about?

For one thing, it’s about being farther away from my parents, because they lived in the appartment in front of us.

And it’s about being out of Lisbon, and feeling that I was in a place I loved to live at. And coming to a place where I don’t feel like I really belong.

So now I can see it differently. I can see better what’s in my mind.

And I can handle it better. Just being aware changes things. I can feel more at peace with it.

It’s not really my decision, it’s not really what we did. But it’s what I’ve learned from this situation.

I’ve learned that I like to be near my parents, I like to live in Lisbon and feel that I belong there. And I feel that I don’t belong here.

So maybe this is really about the feeling of belonging.

And I remember now that when I was in Lisbon, I felt I belonged to Macau. I lived there for 4 years and I really loved it…

I’ll probably do a meditation about this too :)

Meditations are great because the mind can just show you things about something you want to understand better.

So try it out:

You can answer these questions by journaling and then do a meditation about what came up:

  1. What’s something you regret?
  2. What is this about?

Lots of love,

P.S. Journaling is a great method to find out more about what’s really going on inside you. When you write without thinking, without editing, you are accessing your higher self. The most truthful answers.

And when you know how to ask the right questions, you get the answers you need ;)

Journaling is also ideal for learning more about yourself, connecting with your true self and be guided, to create your dreams.

Since I started doing journaling a few years ago, I loved it and never stopped.

I’m doing a quick launch of my journaling program called “Create Your Dreams: Live the Life You’ve Imagined”

We start next week, on Monday May 4th. xxx

Photo: Maya Gypsy

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