Today I wanted to give you these 5 ways because I had this request from Sandra to share some tips.

And this is something I think most women worry about because most women have a bit of a belly, even if it’s not too big ;)

1. Avoid tops that are too tight

The first thing is to avoid wearing things that are too tight in the beally area because they’ll show everything. They won’t flatter you. So wear loose tops, loose tees. But not too large or you can look bigger. Wear the right size which is not too tight, and it’s a bit loose. Enough so that the piece doesn’t cling to your body.

As for pants, shorts or skirts – they shouldn’t be too tight on top. Because when they are, you look like you have even a bigger belly. Things start to pop out of the clothes, which we didn’t even know were there ;) So wear the right size and the waist of the bottoms should start a bit below your belly button – two fingers bellow is great.

2. Avoid Pieces that Call Attention to Your Belly

If you wear a black dress with a red belt on the belly area, you call attention to the belly. People will look at the piece that has more impact. So avoid anything that calls attention to the belly. Loke long pendants. Or tops that end at the belly area and have a contrasting color with the bottom piece.

3. Wear Pieces that Reduce and Avoid What Enlarges

So you want to wear dark colours, like black, navy blue, brown. they help reduce and disguise. also simple fabrics and avoid what enlarges like shiny pieces, light colours. And embelishments in the belly area, or details like ruffles. Which call for attention and add volume.

4. Some Pieces that Help

Wearing the empire cut – pieces that are tight below the breasts and then fall from there. Envelope dresses or tops too. And dresses that have a low waist with a loose part on top.

5. Tip for Tops

If you wear a loose blouse or t-shirt (which is best for you) you can tuck in the front part. That creates a bit of volume from the top itself, which disguises the belly.

And that’s it! I hope it helps :)

Lots of love,

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