An Essential Thing to Get What You Want

Today I wanted to tell you about something essential to get what you want.

And it’s to be non-attached.

That means that you don’t think that you need that thing you want to be happy or to feel good in your life. And that it’s essential.

When you’re attached you basically think: When I get this, or have this, I’ll be happy and I’ll have a good life.

And what you need is to know that you already have everything inside you.

And that you’re perfectly fine, whether you have that thing you want or not.

It’s not something you need, just something you want.

And that also helps you when you act because you won’t be conditioned by the results of the actions.

If you are not attached to having a certain result, you don’t feel bad if things don’t go as you want.

If you’re attached and act and don’t have the results you were expecting … you feel bad, you start to question what you’re doing. And if you’re going to have what you want.

But if you’re not attached to having certain results, you can continue to act. Whether you have the results you are waiting for or even if you don’t.

That’s the idea so you’re able to always continue acting and not be conditioned according to the result. If it’s what you were waiting for or not.

In conclusion, the idea is not to be attached to what you’re looking for or to have certain results. Always keep going.

And knowing that whatever the result, negative or positive. It doesn’t mean anything about your goal, it’s just information. And you can use it to keep going towards your goal.

A good test is to see how you feel about the result of some action. If the result isn’t what you want and you feel bad, it means that you’re attached to having a certain result.

If you feel good whatever the result, it means that you’re not attached. Not to certain results or to your final goal.

The idea is also to act just for the sake of the action, to do the actions you love to do.

In the comments tell me: Are you attached to a goal?


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