Today I wanted to make a little video about how to look better or look good in videos.

1. Have good lighting

And the first and most important tip is to have enough light. Because not only it helps the video to look better, clearer and more beautiful, it also helps a lot with your image. The way you look.

So when I make videos during the day I do it in front of a big window. But you can also buy a ring light on Amazon. And it also helps, especially if you’re making videos at night or in a place with no light.

2. Choose an outfit that you like and think it’s cute

It helps the video to become more interesting because people like to see outfits and feel inspired by them. And you’ll also feel more beautiful and like your image more.

Focus more on the top part of the outfit because that’s what you see the most. V or U necklines work well, they draw attention to the face. Showing some skin works well. But if it’s a cute closed top, it’s also good, of course.

3. Another important thing is the hair

My hair is a bit of a lion’s mane but that’s how it is ;).

For me it’s not very easy to have my hair very well styledl, unless I go to the hairdresser. But I also want to learn how to use the straightening and curling irons, because it helps the hair be more shiny and beautiful. But you can use oils or creams that help your hair to be more defined and beautiful.

It helps you look good, your hair is the frame of your face. It’s also good that it looks beautiful and washed. But if it’s not, you can do a ponytail or up-do, or use a dry shampoo.

4. Another tip is to wear Accessories

A necklace or earrings – it also makes the outfit more different.

5. Choose colors that flatter you

Choose the ones that make you look healthier and more lively. Instead of those who make your face look washed out (is that an expression? I think so… ;)). Put the piece in front of you and see the result on the face, how it works.

6. Make-up also helps you like your appearance more

And in the video you can use more, because we don’t notice it as much.

7. Finally don’t worry too much about thinking you look strange

Because when we see ourselves on video we’re not used to it and we don’t like it very much. But with time you get used to it and you’re ok about it.

I hope you liked these tips!

Share in the comments what helped you the most, I’d love to know ;)


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