Today I wanted to tell you about the advantages of making mistakes.

Often, when I can’t do something or I make the same mistake, I feel a great frustration. But these mistakes are the key to being able to do something new, or do it better.

Whenever you start doing something new (which is what you need to advance and change your life), you’ll make mistakes.

So you can look at your mistakes as a good thing: it’s a sign that you’re moving forward and doing new things :)

Instead of just being frustrated and angry because you’re not learning as fast as you want.

And it also shows a lack of compassion towards ourselves. We’re demanding that things go faster than they are going. Whatever the pace, if that’s what it is, it’s perfect.

If you want to start something new, the idea is to start even if you don’t feel ready. You won’t ever have a right moment.

And then, as you take the next step, you’ll make mistakes and things will go wrong.

And the idea is to learn from these mistakes, because they’ll help you understand how to do well. Because you can decide how to do better the next time. And it helps you to understand which path is best for you.

So mistakes help you to understand what you have to do differently and what’s the next step.

One question you can ask yourself is:
What do I need to do now? What is the next step?

And as you act you’ll have the opportunity to make many mistakes ;)


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