Today I wanted to talk with you about emotions.

Usually we are afraid of them. We run away from them. We don’t want to feel them.

Even if it’s a positive emotion, we can shy away from it.

Because we’re afraid that the other shoe will drop (I hope that’s how you say it in English ;)).

So how do you deal with your emotions?

Carl Jung says that there is no transformation without emotion.

It all started with them: The limits we’ve created. The things we stored in our unconscious mind.

And if we want transformation, then well… there’s no other way. We have to go towards what we most fear… to feel.

It can be an amazing thing, to feel. But it can also be terrifying.

Although it doesn’t have to be.

We think that, if we stay with the hard emotions, they may destroy us in a way. We are afraid to go down that rabbit hole, so deep, that we can’t get out of it.

But that doesn’t happen.

Emotions come and go. Most of the time they last for a few seconds, minutes, and then go away.

So that’s the first thing.

Don’t fear feeling.

It’s really what gives life some more meaning and interest isn’t it?

We don’t need to fear what makes us feel.

we need to embrace it.

Go towards what is scaring you. What makes you feel confused, angry, outraged, humiliated, ashamed.

Go towards it all. Embrace it all.

Feel it all.

Let it be.

And most of all, we need to accept all emotions. See them all as friends. As good messangers that are here to serve us.

To help us get to another side. A side of us that we don’t know. That we haven’t seen yet. That is hidden by all the rules we have for ourselves.

Emotions will help you know yourself better, and will help you access your unconscious mind. And they will help you transcend where you’re at now and reach where you want to be.

Emotions can do all of this for us, but only if we let them.

Only if we’re there for them, as they are there for us.

Only if we have the courage to face them, to stay with them. To listen to what they have to say. With no judgement.

And welcoming them :)

Then we can learn and grow. We can use that energy, all that energy, for us. We can see that there’s no problem with any emotions.

We can just feel and be in that energy, no matter what it is.

If we don’t give it a label, if we don’t categorize each emotion as good or bad, we can see that it’s just energy.

And energy we can use to our advantage. That we can use to be with, instead of using it to beat ourselves up.

It’s a strange and interesting thing, staying with any emotion without labeling it. Without giving it a meaning. Just staying there, feeling the energy.

It looks like something completely different.

Now that you’re not saying you’re feeling down, or depressed, you’re just feeling.

And you can be calm and well with that feeling. You can get out of it in an instant. And you can also get really into it, without buying into any stories, because you’re not really listening to them.

There are no stories if you just feel with non-judgement. They all start to fade away and there’s just the emotion, that you can enjoy and feel.

That’s been my experience lately at least ;)

So try it out.

Here’s what to do next time you feel a strong emotion, like anger or fear, anxiety, depression:

Stay with it. Think that it’s just energy going through your body. Don’t label it. Think that it’s ok, you can feel this. You can easily do it.

Sit down and just stay there. Don’t judge it, don’t feel bad for having this feeling.

And you can also ask the emotion: What do you need? And see what comes up for you.


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