This has to do with first of all, seeing everything as an opportunity.

Because in the face of a situation that makes you feel “bad”, you can see it as being an opportunity, or not.

And you can ask two questions:

The first one is: How is this helping me? What are the benefits?

This also has to do with that idea, that everything happens for us. To help us, learn and evolve.

For example, today I’ll have to go to the dentist and what’s the benefit? Quite obvious is that my tooth, which has been giving me problems, is going to get well.

But if you want to go deeper inside… to understand what’s going on inside you, in your unconscious, you can ask:

What is this situation showing about my mind?

I can think that this fear that I feel of going to the dentist, is showing that I feel insecure. And I am focusing on the worst scenarios instead of focusing on the best scenarios and what is most likely to happen.

It helps me to understand my mind. And I can change my actions.

For example focus on the best case scenario and instead of anxiety and fear, focus on being well and calm.

And I can stay with the feeling of fear and see what comes up (you can do a free visualization to stay with the feelings here –

This way you’ll understand better what’s going on and you’ll go deeper into yourself, your mind and your patterns.

Here’s an exercise:

Think about one situation that you feel is complicated or “negative”.

You can ask these two questions:

  1. What are the advantages of this?
  2. What is this showing about my mind?

It will help you to see this situation as an opportunity to grow and you’ll see other benefits as well.


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