Today I wanted to tell you about that woman who’s going for her dreams. Who wants to live a better life.

she had done her research.

She’s acting and doing all the supposedely right things.

She has learned from the best.

She is following the rules. The “right way” of doing things.

And it feels hard and it takes time and most of all, it seems it never arrives.

She just can’t get there.

I was looking at myself the other day and remembering how I’m that girl too.

I felt sorry for myself. Felt sorry for all my struggle and work. Trying and dreaming and scheaming. All, I felt at the time, to no avail. All for nothing.

That’s what we think when we’re stuck in ego. When we’re seeing things as hard, as sad, as complicated.

When we see ourselves as the victims.

But we also need to have compassion for ourselves. To see our hard efforts. To Congratulate ourselves at least for the effort we are putting into it. For not giving up and keep going.

Instead of feeling sad maybe we can say: congrats! You’re doing your best. You’re going for your dreams. You know what you want and you’re doing your best. And that must be good enough. It will get you to where you want to go, even if that’s not what you think you want now.

When you’re really tired of it all, that’s when you’re ready, maybe, to see things differently.

Maybe you’ve been on your merry way, thinking all is ok. Doing your things. But then you see that you’re walking in circles, you’re not going anywhere. You’re just stuck in the same place.

That’s when you’re ready to see things differently. To say – nothing of this is working. What’s going on?

That’s when you’re ready to go inside because you suddenly see no other way. You have tried it all, and now you’re ready for the true way.

But if you hadn’t gone through that before, you woulnd’t believe it maybe. Maybe you would still think that you need the right strategy. The right way. The magic key.

There is no magic key or the magic key is that everything starts inside. You’re only seeing your own mind.

Everything is your own dream.

And when you realize that…

It’s when you can start to change!

Lots of love,

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