Today I wanted to tell you that you already have everything you want NOW :)

That’s right.

The love you want, the money you want, the abundance, the calm. Everything you want.

The house you want, the happiness you want. Everything you want is available to you.

But most of all, you probably want love.

And love isn’t found outside of you, it’s inside you.

You can find it in your own heart.

It’s there waiting for you.

You don’t need a man to have love. You don’t need to have loving parents, kids or friends.

You need to give yourself you own love.

And give others the love you seek.

And it’s the same with any other thing you want.

Because what we really want are feelings.

We don’t want lots of money but we want the freedom that we feel money can give us.

Well, money won’t give you any freedom, if you don’t feel free now.

If you don’t feel safe now, if you feel that money is not there when you need it, if you think that money just slips through your fingers…

That’s what you’ll continue to feel if you have more money.

And if that’s what you feel and believe, it’s also much harder to have money. Since you will act in a way that makes what you believe true.

So if you feel that money is never there when you need it, you’re going to make sure that’s what happens.

Maybe you’ll spend it as soon as you get it, in something that you don’t really need. Or really want as a matter of fact.

But there is one thing you do want, and that is to make your reality congruent with what you believe. And if you believe that money is never there when you need it, that’s exactly what you’ll create. Over and over again.

That’s one more reason to turn inside and start to believe and to feel what you want, right now.

You can feel loved right now, just love yourself. Focus on yourself and love also others.

You can feel abundant right now, just see all the abundance around you. The leaves in the trees, the starts in the sky.

You can feel that you’re in the right place right now, just think that you are. See that whatever is your past, it has brought you to this moment right here. And that’s where you need to be now.

You can feel free right now, just see all the freedom you have. Maybe you can eat what you want or you are free to choose your course of action. You can go on the internet and learn a variety of things.

And so on.

And so forth.

So, that’s what I wanted to tell you.

You have all that you want inside of you and everything is available to you now.

So you can choose!

Who are you going to be? Who are you?

Are you the girl who is happy, blessed, loved, abundant. And on the right path?

Or are you the girl who is unhappy, stuck, unloved, in lack. And who doesn’t know where to go?

Your choice.

Right now.

Lots of love,

P.S. Ready to go to your next level right now?

When you have the right feelings and beliefs, it’s so much easier to create your best life.

And also when you are acting from your true self and not from your ego.

When you’re being all that you are.

I have created a new program just for you and it’s called Elevate: Get to Your Next Level.

It’s my new 1:1 program and it will help you reach the next level in your life and who you are. We’re focusing first on creating an amazing relationship with yourself and your partner.

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Ready to elevate? :)


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