What are 3 common blocks to having your dreams?

Here they are:

1. Not believing that it’s possible for you

The first is when you don’t believe you can do it, or you don’t believe at least more than 51% of the time.

Because if you’re always doubting, you’re going backwards and ruining the work you did forward.

So the first thing is to believe you can.

And don’t think that it’s only possible for some. This is what we all think: It’s not possible for me because this person is different, she’s better, she’s like this or like that.

Because it was what we learned and what we came to believe.

So you need to believe that it’s possible for anyone, including you.

2. You didn’t make a final decision

You decide for example, I’m going to find my ideal partner, and I’m going to a party to meet someone. And you’re acting.

But then the date went wrong and you feel like giving up. And you start walking backwards because you really didn’t decide.

If you really decide, you think: this one didn’t go well, the next one will be better. And with this I learned.

All experiences help you to move forward and grow, and what goes wrong is what helps you get there quicker.

If you made a final decision you’ll see things differently and you won’t stop.

3. Not being consistent

This week you do some things, next week you do nothing. To be more consistent you can create new habits or routines.

For example, you can decide to go out every week, or once a month. You create a routine and even if you don’t feel like it, you do it.

And you’re being more consistent.

And that’s it.

Here’s something you can do now (you can use a journal and go with what first comes to mind):

  1. Choose a dream, a goal for 2020
  2. Know that if you want it, it’s a sign that it’s available to you.
  3. Decide you’re going for it and creating it
  4. Choose a routine, ritual or action you’re doing today, to get there

Act and get your dreams :)


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