This is the first step if you really want to change your style:


Make a decision that you’re going to change your style and look the way you want to look!

If you have an unresolved mind, you’ll stop.

If you decide, it is done.

Because nothing can stop you.

So this is true for style and for everything else.

That’s when I changed my style. For years I wanted to look a certain way, I wanted to be able to make outfits I loved. But then I would get discouraged. I’d think it’s not for me, I don’t know how to do it, blah blah blah.

If you really decide about something, you won’t say: I can’t do it, or it’s not for me, or I don’t know how to do it.

Yes, maybe you don’t know how to do it but you know you’ll find a way.

That’s the level of certainty you want to have.

Be completely sure that you’re going to have style.

When I finally decided that I was going to be stylish, no matter what. And that people who critized my style were going to take notes from me…. ;)

That’s when I finally found a solution that worked.

And that solution was my style app, Choose Your Outfit.

We’re working on remodeling the app and I’m going to launch the new version soon.

In the meanwhile I have another surprise coming and I’ll tell you about it soon.

But yes, decide. Just decide that you’re going to have style. Then the right resources, teachers, information, insights will come.

Do you believe you can have style?
That you can look the way you want to?

If yes, just decide that you’re going to do it. Set a date. Make a specific goal: By the end of December 2020 I’ll love all my outfits.

If you don’t believe it, making a decision will also help you! Because if you really decide, and start acting towards it, you put your beliefs away.

You’re acting like the person who knows she can have style because when you decide, it means you believe you can.

So make the same specific goal. It works either way.

And if you get discouraged and start telling yourself stories that you can’t do it… realize you haven’t really decided. You’re believing the narrative of your ego that wants to keep you where you are. In your comfort zone.

But to change you need to get out of your comfort zone… it might be uncomfortable, but is it comfortable to hate the way you look? I don’t think so, at least in my own experience ;)

So which is better? Stretching yourself, growing and having the style you want? Or stay in the same place, and keep feeling that you’re not being all that you can be?

If you have a desire to have style that means you like it, you want it and you can have it.

So start acting towards it!

And you can start right now with the ebook “7 Steps to Fantastic Style”

Check it out here: 7 Steps to Fantastic Style

Lots of love,

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