Today I wanted to tell you about keeping on, inspite of adversity.

And about not giving up (or giving up, if you feel it’s time to do it).

I wanted to tell you about being more present with yourself and with the world.

I wanted to tell you about not hurrying as much and enjoying your life. Your day to day.

I wanted to tell you about helping yourself, loving yourself, seeing yourself as the prize.

I wanted to tell you about seeing life as a beautiful opportunity to grow and explore things, and have a great time doing it.

And also as an opportunity to go deep within yourself and find out things. Who you really are. What your soul is telling you. What is your right next step.

Your life is what you make of it. And it also is what you believe it can be. And what you expect it to be.

I realized this lately: My story of being the victim and the underdog.

And I want to change it to being the person who is strong and who has the things she wants, and who can create whatever she wants.

To change that story, I need to be aware of what’s happening around me. So I can catch the story early on and change it.

As soon as I start to realize that I’m thinking and acting like the victim, I can stop it and start to think and act like the person who is strong and can do anything.

And feel the feelings that come along, without running away.

I’m not trapped, except by my own mind. I’m not the underdog except in my own mind.

And then I keep seeing it outside.

But if I can catch it as soon as it appears and ask myself: How would the strong and successful person act in this situation? What would she think? And start doing that…

I can start changing my story, my pattern.

And that’s all I wanted to tell you today!

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