I thought about telling you some tips to make an outfit that looks good and works.

And the first tip is to know some styling rules, about how styling works.

I have a free chapter from my e-book with these most important rules, you can see it here: https://www.lenapenteado.com/free-chapter-10-rules

But a very important one is to wear the right size, that favors you more. For example, if a top is too wide on the shoulders, it doesn’t look as good. If it’s too tight, it shows everything. So use the right size for you.

Another rule is paying attention to the horizontal and vertical proportion. People like to see proportion and if the outfit is not proportional, it does work as well.

The second tip is the quality of the pieces and whether they are beautiful or not. If you have a piece that has no quality or doesn’t look beautiful, if it looks bad, it doesn’t favor the look.

And the quality doesn’t mean it has to be very expensive, it’s not about that. There are very cheap pieces that look like quality pieces. It’s a matter of choosing only good looking pieces.

Example: the color of your jeans. Some denim has a cheap vibe, and it doesn’t look good ;)

Finally, knowing what goes well with what. We often have lots of doubts about this (I used to have them at least), but it’s not that complicated.

A good way to learn is from outfits of women that have a style you like. Try the outfit at home, using the pieces from your wardrobe.

And if you try out something you never wore, like sneakers with a dress, you might think it’s weird… because you’re not used to seeing yourself with it.

It may look cute but as you’re not used to it, you feel it’s weird. So it’s good to try it out, and use it even if you’re in doubt.

Maybe you get some nice comments and use it more often or see that it’s not that strange.

I also have an app that helps you to know how to combine pieces and make good looking outfits. After training and practicing it becomes very instinctive. You can see more about the app here: CYOU app

So now you just need to act, to start changing things ;)

And one exercise you can do today is get rid of the pieces that are too wide or too tight. And that will help you create better looking outfits.

I hope this helped!

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