Today I wanted to tell you about manifesting what you want, without having to do a lot.

For that, you need the help of the Universe.

And not only for that but for all your goals. Because we are limited in our ability to think and understand.

But we can call upon a power greater than us. We can call upon our higher self, God, the Universe.

Because we are one with the Universe. And so we can access that power.

When you try to figure things out by working, thinking and making lots of plans, you’re not accessing true power.

You’re not being your true self.

But when you follow your intuition and let yourself be guided, you are in your power. You have all the power.

Sometimes I forget all this and I’m caught in the same old trap again.

The trap of doing things, planning and scheming.

Of course I need a plan, but I also need to be open to alterations to that plan. To follow the nudges that come along. To trust in myself and in a higher power.

I’m not very used to trusting myself, it’s been a journey ;) But I like to think that I’m getting better at it!

If I give myself permission to believe that the Universe is helping me, that everything is for me. Then I can feel that support, I can follow my intuition, I see that reality.

If I just stay in the old idea that I’m alone and no one can help me, well, I just recreate that over and over again, and I’ll feel alone and that no one can help me…

So the idea is to follow the guidance, do the inspired actions.

And before acting, you need a vision.

A specific vision about what you want.

And then you just act, without thinking much about it. “Is it the right thing or the wrong thing?”. If it’s inspired, it’s right! :)

And you take care so you don’t over do it.

You take care of yourself.

In my business, I’ve been overdoing it and now I’m cutting things out. I’m taking away what doesn’t matter. I’m focusing on the most essential things.

So that I feel safe and well to move forward.

My health comes first since it’s one of my most important values. So I can’t over do it, like I did in the beginning of my business.

So here’s how to get what you want without burning yourself out:

  1. Make a schedule where you put rest time over other stuff
  2. Know that the time you rest is essential and the most important part of your success (or one of them)
  3. Use the rest time to rest :) That seems simple but it really isn’t. At least for me. I used to end up doing business stuff: “It’s just this thing… it will only take a minute”. And then i’d be there for 2 hours. Lol.
  4. Know that you are being guided and take inspired action. And also make a plan, but be flexible with it.
  5. Have a vision – this is the first point of course, you need to know where you’re going ;)

Hope this helped!


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