It’s Corona time and everyone is wearing pajamas all day long ;)

I love my pajamas, but I’ve been accostumed to always get dressed no matter what. My mom hated seeing everyone in pajamas all day long, during the weekend. So the first thing we did in the morning was getting dressed.

At the time maybe I didn’t like it, I don’t remember. But now I’m happy I have that habit. Because it’s one of the things that helped me keep my sanity in the middle of all of this.

When I wake up, I get dressed. When I work out, I also get dressed. And I notice that when I do, I feel the day as started. I’m ready for the workout. I’m ready to take on the World.

Sometimes we think that style isn’t important, it’s superficial. But style influences how you feel. I love this quote from Anne Klein: “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will”.

Let’s imagine you’re going on a hot new date… you want to look your best.

Or if you’re going to a business meeting… you want to feel powerful and comfortable.

If you’re going to stay at home to work… you also want to feel beautiful and productive.

Beauty always helps and style is not only beauty but also creativity and inspiration.

And style helps you feel more confident, in every situation.

If you like the way you look, you’re not wasting time comparing yourself with others. Or thinking: why can’t I dress like that? You’re ok with who you are. With the way you look too.

Of course that to have real confidence, from the inside out, you always need to grow.

You need to go inside and know yourself. And accept yourself. That is key for self-confidence.

You also need to do what you say. To know what you want and believe you can have it.

Once I learned how to have style, I realized another part was missing. The part about feeling really confident, inside. The part about loving me. And feeling powerful, not like a victim.

Knowing that I can create my own dreams and ideal life.

After I combined the two, I feel pretty well :)

I’m always growing but I also know I’ve come a long way.

Here are some things that changed for me:

  • After many years questioning everything in my life, my ideas, my path, my decisions, I now feel that I’m on the right path. That my decisions are always the right ones. And I know that I can create what I want (most of the time at least ;)).
  • I have a plan and I’m moving forward towards my dreams, every day.
  • I have the style I always wanted and I love my outfits. And I also know that I can create any style I want.
  • I’m not overwhelmed about going shopping or what to buy. I know exactly what I need and want.
  • I get ready in an instant, for any occasion. I went from a bed full of all my clothes, trying to decide what to wear, to picking an outfit super quickly.
  • My relationships have grown and improved. I feel I understand others, and myself, better.
  • I have a method to create my dreams
  • I’m changing my mind, my emotions, my life, every day.
  • I feel more confident about my path, my life and myself.
  • I finally am ok about my purpose after years and years of searching for it.

I’m going to bring one new program next week, that’s going to show you exactly that.

If you’re commited to going for your dreams, in style, in 2020, sign up for the waitlist for a great discount, further into and early dips next week!

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Lots of love,

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