If you’re anything like me, you love to learn and grow.

You’re always buying the next book, and the next course.

You’re always wanting to expand your thinking, to understand new things.

You get excited about learning more and you feel amazing when you get something new. The next insight. Feeling you can free your mind.

You know that knowledge is power :)

But the truth is knowledge is power only if you apply it.

If you don’t do anything with what you learn… it may be exciting anyway. But then you forget it. Or maybe you remember, but you’re not using it in your day to day.

If you don’t change anything, nothing changes.

When you have a new insight and realize something new that you think is amazing… you need to apply it to get all the benefits from it.

That’s what I love about coaching. Coaching is about acting.

And acting, how you act, is what shows the World and yourself, who you are.

For example: Do you say you’re going to eat well but then you go for that glass of wine every day? You’re body, your mind, your spirit is listening.

You’re not being congruent. You’re not walking your talk. And that makes you feel less confident.

You start to doubt yourself. And you stop believing in your promises to yourself.

The other day I had a dream where my grandmother told me exactly that.

She said: “Lena, you’re a liar”

I was really surprised and asked her: “But grandma, why?”

She told me: “Because you say you’re going to do certain things, and then you don’t do them”

Does that happen with you?

We have great intentions, we make great decisions.

Take the new year, for example. We’re going to change our lives. Everything will be amazing.

But then the day to day comes, you go back to your habitual routines, and your dreams become just that…


If you’re going to make them real, there’s only one solution.

You need to act.

And you need to act with all your strength, your mind and spirit. Give it your best.

So again, that’s why I love coaching. Because coaching is about walking our talk. About following our dreams, believing we can make them happen and then making them happen.

Bringing what we want into reality.

Coaching is about the future.

I said that to a therapist once. I was trying to decide if I was going to therapy and I told him that I’m more into coaching. Because coaching is focused on the future, while in therapy we are always analising the past. And that felt a bit draining to me.

In coaching we are also going to the past and digging things from the past but it’s with a different focus. In the kind of coaching I do, we are focused on knowing yourself, and creating what you really want in your life.

Create the life you choose to have, instead of living the one that was decided for you.

And we’re also focused on bringing you to your true self. In seeing that you’re connected with everything. And that everything is possible for you.

And stop identifying with the ego. With all the past stories and fears. Stop having the ego in your drivers seat.

And you step into the drivers seat, and into your power.

And it’s to help you with that that I have a coaching program called Calm & Powerful.

It’s a great option because it’s a smaller, 2 months coaching package, amazing to start coaching and getting all the benefits of coaching.

To start the process, enter the Workshop Calm & Powerful and then schedule your call: http://www.lenapenteado.com/calm

Lots of love,

Calm & Powerful

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