Today I wanted to tell you about feeling powerful. Empowered.

Or weak.

You can be in one state or the other, and you can notice who you’re being during the day.

If you’re coming from a position of being weak, of not having power to create what you want in your life.

Or if you’re coming from a position of being in your power.

We can choose who we are.

If we start to notice our patterns, and most of all, feel the feelings associated with them.

True transformation comes from your emotions. The key is in feeling the emotions, like Carl Jung says.

So if you have been conditioned to be weak, you can get free of it.

And one essential part is acting like the person who already is who you want to be.

So start acting powerfully. Start acting like the person who is already powerful.

Ask yourself: What would she do in this situation?

This is a question that can change your life.

I’m going to use it more.

With this question you can act out of the new version of you. The version that is who you want to be.

You can be her right away. Right now. Just choose to do what she does, think like she thinks and start believing what she believes.

Of course this isn’t as easy as it seems because changing the way we think and what we believe isn’t that easy.

We need to change years of thinking and believing certain things. Of acting in a certain way…

But it all comes down to how you act.

If you choose to act in a certain way, no matter what you think or believe. Things start to shift. You are being that person. You feel the fear and do it anyway.

And that in itself will start to change who you are on a deeper level.

Then feeling the feelings that come up when you act that way. Feeling them with no judgement, just being there with them. Letting the stories go and knowing that they don’t matter. They’re not your truth anymore.

Today I had planned a different post but I thought that it was too much… and I decided to do this one.

I start with the title and go from there.

Today I was afraid of doing it wrong, as in many other days. Afraid of not writing the right thing. Of not being a good writer.

But I did it anyway. I am the writer anyway. Even with the fears coming up. That’s ok.

I let go of my “plans of conquering the World” with my writing or of selling lots of spots to my 1:1 program Elevate.

Lol, by the way, today is the last day to enter ;)

That was stressing me out.

And I decide to write just because that’s what I do every Monday morning. And that has to be enough. It’s what makes me feel good and accomplished every day.

Yesterday I was doing one of my online courses, about productivity. And I decided to work less, to have more results. Because if I don’t work less, if I don’t have time for myself, things won’t work out for anyone. I can’t give from an empty cup.

On the other hand, when I start working, I realize I’m not working for results. I’m acting just to act. Just for the joy of the action. Because acting for results is also emptying my cup. It makes me feel stressed and anxious about what happens.

I let everything go and decide to do my work. Which is writing this post.

Lol, interesting that I had some different ideas about today’s post and I ended up writing about some of them in just one post!

Coincidence? Maybe so or my mind just used everything because that was the goal all along ;)

Anyway, it was great writing this post!

I’m not stressed now and I’m just doing what I do :)

Back to you:

Who do you want to be?
Then just start acting that way :)

Ask yourself: What would I do if I was already powerful?

And if you’re interested in the new 1:1 program Elevate: Go to Your Next Level in Love & Relationship, which starts today, send me a message or email to and I’ll send you the link to learn more about it and enter.


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