What if you are already enough and you can create what you want starting now?

We spend too much time thinking that something is wrong with us, that we can’t have, do or be what we’d like, because we aren’t good enough.

Or our ego spends too much time thinking that way…

Because we are not the ego, we are our true self. We are our higher self. Which is connected to everything. Which is everything.

When we believe we are the ego, we become limited. We think we need to make things work.

We ask: How to do it? What’s the next step?

But when we are being who we really are, there’s no worry or anxiety. We just know that everything is already ours.

Today I wanted to tell you a bit about the ego.

The ego is created by us, to protect ourselves, and it’s main goal is to keep us safe. And it thinks that the best way to do that, is to keep us exactly where we are.

So if you listen to the ego, you’ll just stay where you’re at. You won’t try to create a dream or a goal. Or you say you’re going for it, consciously, but stop yourself constantly, unconsciously.

That’s what resistance is about.

You resist when you’re afraid. Or something comes up that helps you resist. It makes perfect sense, like an illness or confusion. You don’t know what to do, and so on.

Anything that can stop you.

And your ego, being with you since forever, knows exactly how to stop you. Your “weak” points.

So that’s why you need to take uncomfortable action. Because action, any new action, will be uncomfortable. But if you don’t do it, your ego wins. And you stay put.

So you go through the resistance and do it anyway.

That helps you make progress.

And another thing that helps you is staying with the emotions that come up, when you’re going to act.

What are they showing you about your mind?

Sit with them and get the message. Understand what’s inside you. What’s unconscious.

Through the emotions you can access the unconscious, which is the key to everything.

Your true desires are in the unconscious. And sometimes they are the contrary of what you are going for…

So you’re trying to act with maybe 10 or 20% of your ability – the conscious part. But the other 80% or 90% are stopping you – the unconscious. Guess who wins? ;)

So you need the unconscious on board with you.

Sitting with the emotions that come up helps you to be more in control: your emotions won’t have as much power over you. You start to integrate what’s unconscious.

And then you are more able to act, because your emotional state influences how you act.

You also learn more about yourself: who you really are.

You become more aware. You start to see some patterns coming up. And you can change what’s been conditioned.

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I love you!

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