Today I want to tell you about the girl who already has her dreams.

You look at her from afar.

She just wins at everything.

When she decides something, everything comes to her, easily.

When she wants something, she knows that she can get it.

Things come easily to her.

How lucky she is, you think.

She has everything she wants.

All the things in the physical world: the relationship, money, independence, perfect family, …

She’s just… perfect!

And you can’t help but admire her and put yourself below.

She’s on the pedestal and you’re on the floor, looking up.

How’s that going for you?

That’s something I do too…

Sometimes I think that others are above me. That they are full of powers that I don’t have.

They talk better, look better, they’re younger.

They have it easy with people, they’re so extroverted and confident…

You’ll never be like that.

You can never look like that.

That’s what you’ve told yourself one million times.

That’s the story in your mind.

And then you wonder… why?

Why can’t you have your dreams?

Why can’t your goals realize as easily?

Why do you keep struggling without getting out of the same place?

I’ll tell you one reason.

Because you’re being the person that thinks you don’t have enough value, or enough to give.

That thinks that everyone else is better than you.

You can’t see your value.

It takes a trained mind to change that.

It takes awareness to notice your thoughts and change them.

It takes staying with your feelings to stop them from commanding your life.

If you really want to realize your biggest dreams, give yourself a break.

Believe in yourself and put yourself up there, with everyone else.

With the women you have put on the pedestal.

They’re just the same as you are.

Can you see how that’s true?

Everything is possible for you too.

What you need and want is available to you.

Maybe it will take some time to adjust to that new reality.

And to see it happen in the exterior World.

But as soon as your unconscious mind changes, you get a different life.

And many times, without nothing changing externally.

I wish I had all the answers to give you, but I don’t.

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Lots of love,

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