Today I wanted to tell you about dealing with feeling overwhemed and confused.

here are some steps you can take:

1. Notice you’re in Ego

The first step is to realize that when you’re feeling that stress, overwhelm, confusion, you’re in ego.

And see that you’re not the ego, you’re your true self. So you can take a step back and realize you’re not the one having those thoughts or feelings, you are the observer. You are not your mind.

2. Stay with the Feeling

Another thing you can do is staying with the feeling of overwhelm or confusion. Whatever feeling comes up for you, you just stay with it.

You can do it by doing a quick visualization where you sit down, feel the feeling in your body, give it a color. You can ask it, why is it here, and what does it need?

I also have a visualization that helps you stay with the feeling and guides you throught it. It’s in the Calm & Powerful workshop and you can get it here:

That helps because you get answers for what’s going on, the feeling is there for a reason.

3. Accept the Feeling

Another step is accepting the feeling.

What you resist persists.

So instead of trying to avoid it, or stop it, just accept it. And don’t give it a lot of importance. Instead of going – I can’t feel confused or overwhelmed – just go with it, let it be there.

4. Don’t let it stop you

Because the ego wants you to stop. Wants you to stay in your comfort zone. So these feelings are resistance and you want to keep acting

Maybe it’s not the best time to make decisions, when you are in that feeling. Because you’re not thinking as well as you can. It’s good to first take a step back and be calmer and more centered.

But you can still take action. Don’t let it stop you cause that’s the goal of the ego. You can still act, even feeling confused. You can take the next step.

5. What’s the fear?

Another step is understanding the biggest fear underneath it. Maybe it’s fear of not having success, failure or judgment from others. And work with that fear.

6. What’s your why?

Another step is asking yourself why you’re doing this. Come back to the why. What is your purpose or intention? So you keep moving forward instead of stopping.

7. What would your calm and certain version do?

Finally you can ask, what would the version of you that is calm and certain, do? Another way to ask this is journal with this prompt.

Now that I’m calm and certain, I …
And then you write the action you’re going to take. One or two actions you’re going to take.

Or you can also ask, what is my next step? and go with that. With the first thing that comes to your mind.

And if you want help with staying with the feeling, a guided visualization that helps you work with this feeling and others (like the fear beneath the overwhelm and confusion), check out the Calm & Powerful Workshop. You can see it here:

Lots of love,

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