Today I wanted to tell you about how beautiful you are.

How amazing you really are.

I noticed this weekend how I was putting myself down. When you see others criticizing you, you are the one criticizing yourself, usually.


Because if you didn’t agree with the critic, in some way, you’d ignore it. You’d just let it go.

But it goes deep inside, like a dagger cutting through you, when you are the one doing it to yourself.

You feel it so deeply, when it’s related to something inside of you.

So you need to stop doing that to yourself.

Stay with that feeling, that feeling of being criticized, undervalued, under appreciated.

And start appreciating yourself.

Instead of being your own worst critic, which is what we usually do… you can start being your best advocate. Be the one rooting for you. Be your own cheerleader.

I’ve decided to do that by doing a list of things that I did well.

Here are some things I wrote yesterday:

  1. Cleaned the bathrooms, changed the shower curtain
  2. Did a healthy lunch and dinner for my family
  3. Did a course to grow
  4. Worked on the sales page for my new program

And also by celebrating one thing, or all. Celebrating at the end of the day by doing something quick or that takes longer. But it can be quick like dancing to a music, listening to a song, catching some sun in the garden…

And I also want to start celebrating milestones with some bigger things. Like maybe buying some new things for the house, a new outfit, going for a weekend away or going for a big walk in a special place.

I’ve been thinking about buying a table for the garden, so we can eat outside from time to time. I can do it when I reach something that I want to do.

But the overall idea is to start focusing on what’s going well, on what you do well.

And start celebrating that. Focus on gratitude, focus on your own accomplishments.

You can also do a list of your accomplishments. What have you done that you are really proud of?7

Here are some of mine:

  1. I graduated from one of the best technological colleges in Portugal, in Computers Engineering. I finished with the grade I wanted, without even liking the course that much.
  2. I had my 3 kids and I’m there for them and I put my family first
  3. Creating my own business and working doing what I love
  4. Living in a big house with lots of space, a private garden and common pool from the condo
  5. Growing and learning always, being more conscious, guided by my higher-self
  6. Starting to understand that I create my own state of mind, my own state and story and I can change it. I can be who I want to be.

Here’s another thing you can do:

Praise what you do. Look at what you do and instead of putting it down, instead of saying it’s not good enough, instead of wanting it to be perfect… Just see the good you did. See how amazing it is your courage to try something new. See how far you have arrived. See all your progress along the way.

Instead of asking – why am I not further along – ask: How did I evolve? How did I grow?

We are always growing. It’s inevitable. Problems and challenges are here to make us rise. To help us shine. To show us the right way.

And you are in exactly the perfect place. This is the best time ever for you!

Today focus on what you are going to do, and be, and have from now on. The past is the past, it doesn’t matter anymore.

The present is what we all have. This moment. Enjoy it and see how amazing you are!!!

Here are some quick exercises to do:

  • a list of the things you did today.
  • A list of things you did in your life.
  • Choose one thing you’re going to celebrate today, how you’re going to celebrate it, and when. Schedule it.
  • Look at your own work and praise it.

Remember: Nothing changes unless you do! And to change, you need to act differently.

Start going towards your dreams, today.

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Lots of love,

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