Today I wanted to tell you about this idea of working doing what you really love.

And sometimes we believe that what we want to do is hard to do or that it’s hard to make money doing it. Or that there’s too much competition, and we give it up right away.

So you have to decide that it’s going to work for you and you can do it.

And we also start to think limiting thoughts like – this is too good for me or, maybe this isn’t good enough. Can it be just this? It doesn’t look good enough. Or complicated enough.

We try to correspond to society’s expectations and what appears to be the best thing instead of focusing on what we really want, what matters to us and what’s meaningful to us.

We try to work on what’s meaningful to other people and so it doesn’t work. Or it won’t work as well if you’re not doing what’s really meaningful to you.

For example, that happened with the fashion part of my business. On one side I felt (or my ego told me ;)) beying a Stylist doesn’t look very well. It’s not specialized, anyone can do it.

And at the same time I felt (my ego again) I can’t do this because it’s too hard, there’s too much competition, …

And about competition, there really isn’t competition if we are creating something new.

So the key is going for what you really want, not what your ego wants.

And a great way to be in contact with your intuition, your true self, is to meditate and journal.

Here’s an exercise you can do:

Ask: What do I really want to work on? What is my true work? And then write about it or meditate about it.

And you want to write without editing, so it’s coming from your higher self. Not thinking, just letting it flow.

Same with the meditation, see what images come up, what comes up for you.

I hope this helps!

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