Are you creating the right life for you?

Are you asking for what you REALLY want?

I noticed this with me.

I thought I was asking for what I really wanted. I thought I was going for my real dreams.

But then I realized that in somethings, I wasn’t.

I was still going for what I thought was possible.

I was still going for what is possible right now.

Someday I’ll…. but no, that’s not possible. That is too much. And you dimiss it.

Does that happen to you?

Something that you really want but then you convince yourself out of it…

And it’s so fleeting. You don’t even have time to acknowledge it. Because you’re mind is out there, your ego is ready to smash it out of you.

No way.

And that’s one thing you really want. The thing that it’s so important to you, that you only ear it in a whisper. And then it’s gone.

Maybe you’re thinking about it right now.

And then you go, No.

No way.

That’s too hard, impossible, maybe one day when I have the money, the house, the relationship. Then I can think about it. But probably it will never happen. I’m too old, I don’t know how, it’s… for one day.

And maybe you think about it and then you quickly think about something else.

Maybe you see someone doing it and you think oh, wow, how did they do that? Good for them but not for me.

I wish I knew how, I wish I could too… maybe one day.

Well, that’s one thing you should really focus on then. And start bringing into your reality.

Remember your dreams from your youth? Your obsessions then? Maybe you were even criticized about them. Maybe people told you what they didn’t like about it. Maybe you’ve decided it’s not good enough for the World.

But then you admire others that are doing it, from afar. And think – I wish I could do that, be like that.

Focus on those things that you’ve decided you can’t do. They’re too far away, they’re too hard and you can’t because of one million reasons, and all of them are BS.

And maybe you read this and think: could that be possible? Is that even a thing? And then your mind goes again… well, maybe one day…

But I’m here to tell you that the day is today!

The day can be today.

Put that dream, that goal, in your list of goals.

If it’s a dream that you see you can accomplish in more than one year, than what’s the step (smaller goal) you can do this year, that shows you you’re going there?

And what’s one thing you can do this week, or today, to bring you closer to your goal?

And be open to whatever comes along, that will help you on the way.

And that’s it for today!

I hope it helps!


P.S. Some backstage action ;)

This week I’m buying 2 surfboards and wetsuits for surfing. I’m learning how to surf on the foam of the waves :)

What are you doing to have fun this week? I’d love to know!


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