Today I wanted to tell you about reaching your dreams and goals.

We usually worry about the how. How to do it?

But it’s good to know that our mind & our emotions are creating our current reality.

If now you focus on lack, you’re going to see a world of lack.

If you focus on abundance, you’ll see abundance.

The lack comes from your thoughts and feelings.

Maybe you focus on how there’s not enough… health, or love or money. Maybe you feel unloved. And you focus on that. And then you find proof. Your brain searches for that proof around you.

And whatever it searches for, it will find.

On the other hand, if you focus on abundance… of health, love or money. And if you feel loved. Maybe by yourself. And you focus on that. You start to find proof also around you.

“You are already loved. And now you just need to see it.”

I once had that conversation with a therapist. I spent one hour (or so it seemed) describing my life to her. And then she told me: You are already loved, and now you just need to see it. And when she said that, I knew exactly what she was talking about. And I could see it right away.

So one way to reach your dreams, is to keep your mind focused on what you want. Insert the GPS and then keep it there. You don’t want to change your destination mid-way right? Or we’ll just end up somewhere else.

But then we have emotions. Sometimes they arrive, as if from nowhere. You don’t even know what it is, and one minute ago, you were feeling just fine…

Well, there’s no use in trying to rebel against these emotions. In trying to escape them, they only grow stronger. They’ll only call you more, because they want to be heard.

I loved that phrase from the book “The fault in our stars”: Pain demands to be felt.

We call it pain, but we can see it only has energy. A neutral energy running through our body. And it has a message for us, it has something it wants to say. So the key is to stay with it, talk with it and listen to it.

You can feel the feeling in your body and then ask: What do you want to tell me? What do you need? And understand more about that particular emotion and what’s behind it.

So that’s the other way to reach your dreams, that I was talking about in the title.

By staying with your emotions and learning from them, you’ll understand more about yourself. You’ll know yourself better. You’ll find what’s stopping you and how you have to work within yourself, to reach your goals.

So here are two exercises you can do:

  1. Write down your vision or visualize it.

Whatever works best for you. You can have a vision board and look at it. And you want to not only write or imagine yourself already having your goal, but also feel that you already have it.

  1. Stay with your feelings and learn from them.

So you can move forward, and also know yourself and what’s going on inside you.

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You just need to sit or lay down and listen to the visualization, when you want to work with a feeling you’re having. Or use it by remembering some feeling you had before.

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Hope this helps!!!
Lots of love,

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