I wanted to tell you about this very important question.

Coaching has a lot to do with that: asking the right questions.

Instead of asking questions that don’t matter and often hurt us. And this is often what we do. We ask negative questions like: Why is this happening to me? Or why is it always the same? (but not to answer it, just to complain). And these questions don’t help at all.

So it’s reallly important that we know how to ask the right questions to find out what is needed.

And you can use this question for any area of ​​your life. You can use it in an area that you feel is a problem, or where you feel you’re stuck.

It’s a simple question:

What do I know I need to stop doing?

And the key is to know that you have the answers within you. And that you can receive them.

And if you aren’t able to answer, it’s good to do it meditating or with journaling. Because you’ll have more authentic answers. In journaling, write whatever comes up, don’t worry about editing or if it makes sense.

You write whatever comes up. And the first thing that comes up is usually the right answer.

Another good question associated with this is:

What do I know I need to start doing?

And then another key is to act.

You write 3 to 5 things but even one is good. And you choose one to do. And you can also ask:

What can I do today? And start today.

If you can’t start today, write on your calendar when you’re going to do it.

The key is to act and only then can you change.

So an exercise you can do is writing these questions in a journal or piece of paper and answer them. And then choose something to stop and something to start. And then decide when you’re going to do it. The best is today :)

If you would like more coaching, I have a new program called Receive Your Big Dreams, in Style.

It’s about reaching your goals, especially in your love relationship and career. It’s two months of 1: 1 coaching.

The idea is to create your vision, make a plan, have accountability as you progress towards those goals for 2 months. And we see how you can continue and what you need to do to deal with obstacles. Those are a key to advance.

I also give you a series of tools that help you on a daily basis, to be more motivated and achieve your dreams and goals.

And the idea is that, you create a plan for 2020.

The second part of the year is starting now, so you still have plenty of time.

And the idea is to be intensive and go quickly. It’s 2 months.

And there is also a part of style that always helps. It will help you to understand who you are better. It’s good for all life areas because it helps you feel more confident and like your image more.

It’s two months, with calls every week to move faster, and we see what’s going on each week. What you need to move forward.

And you also have support every day, you can send me a message and we’ll see what’s going on that day. That daily support is by Voxer message, written or by voice.

In 2 months, it may seem like little but you can do a lot if you are focused and if you have support.

It helps you to achieve much faster and to have a positive impulse in the beginning. And you’ll have your plan and tools to go on.

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