Today I wanted to ask you this question. Because I asked it too, in the morning.

I was feeling a bit tired and flat. I had no inspiration to do my live stream.

So I decided to do some journaling first, and this question came up:

What do you need today?

I wrote I need to be with myself, do my post, do the journaling, be with others, take care of myself. Doing a self-care course that I’ve been meaning to do.

I also asked: What is my soul craving? And I answered love, happiness, believing in myself. And that I’m on the right track.

This is a message I’ve been getting lately: I’m on the right track. When I meditate I get that message.

So that’s my suggestion to you.

And you can also ask: What does my body need? I love that question too.

Journaling and meditating are great ways to connect with your inner wisdom, with the Universe, with everything. And get answers that come from within, instead of answers from your ego.

Your ego isn’t so bad, if we think that it’s job is to protect you. But in the efforts to protect you, it also keeps you stuck. Going on in circles, doing the same things.

While if you act from inspiration, from possibilities, from your higher-self, you have actions that move you forward and to the things that you really want.

And what we most want are the feelings. We may think it’s certain things. I’ll be happy when I have this house, when I have this body, when I am successful – whatever that means for your ego.

But you really want the feeling that you think you’ll have when you’re in the house. Maybe it’s peace or abundance or feeling accomplished.

You can have those feelings now and that is the key. You have to feel it first, so you can have the things after. Not the other way around.

If you’re living feeling lack, you won’t have abundance. It’s not possible, you’re not seeing it, you’re not feeling it, you’re not being it.

See it, Feel it, Be it.

I also wrote it in my journal and I thought, well this is great. That’s exactly how we create that feeling. And how we embody it.

So going back to the beginning, try it out.

Ask yourself: What do I need today? What does my body need? What is my soul craving? And answer by journaling or meditate about it or just go with the first answer that comes to your mind, when you ask it.

Then give yourself what you need. What your soul is craving. Even if you’re ego is telling you not to. Even if you’re thinking you can’t do it, not today. Yes, you can :)

Do at least one thing. Give yourself what you need. Put yourself first.

Give yourself the feelings you want and need, today.

Lots of love,

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