Today I wanted to ask you if you know what you really want?

If you are going for your dreams?

If you let yourself imagine the best life you can. And then you can see yourself having it.

If you can see yourself enjoying that life and being in it…

Can you really enter that life?

For me, it’s been years trying to figure myself out.

I think we are so conditioned to be the person we need to be… to satisfy others around us. That we must push ourselves to the side.

We have to say to our dreams: yes, I know you’re there, but forget about it.

What will that mean to A or B or C? It can’t be, can’t you see it’s impossible?

We are conditioned to behave in the way that makes us feel accepted and loved. We are living as society told us to be and how we learned to be.

We are so conditioned that sometimes, we can’t even access what’s inside of us.

There’s a voice there, trying to tell us… yes, you can have that dream of yours. You can write a book, you can just write. You can dance. You can do a fashion collection. Or a bikini collection.

Yes, you can. Go for that little nudge telling you that – why not try surfing, or learning how to speak Italian. Why not going to the beach?

There’s that quiet voice there, but we have learned to push it aside. To ignore it. We learned that it’s dangerous to listen to it.

Maybe one time you listened and stood up for yourself, and people around you made you feel even smaller. Maybe one time you told about your big dreams and people told you how that’s impossible. Maybe they laughed at you.

And little by little, step by step, you have learned to push it away. To tell it to be quiet. You have learned to show the world the “right” part of you. The one that has it together.

The part of you that knows how to behave in public, and say the right things, so that everyone can agree with you.

You have learned to dim the light and show another light. The light that is acceptable. The light that others can agree with.

How is that working for you though?

Can you feel alive in your life?

Do you believe that you’re going for the life that you have imagined, when everything was possible for you?

When you were just playing around and you saw your future? You didn’t quite know what it was going to be, but you just knew it was going to be amazing. And that you had all the time in the World to get there.

Can you tap into all possibility and see the World from that place? And then see what you really want?

I dare you to do it! :)

Lots of love,

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