Today I wanted to tell you that you can have it all!

That you don’t need to give it up, to be satisfied with what you have now.

You don’t need to get your head down and believe that whatever you’re dealing with, is your destiny.

We create our own destiny.

You create your own destiny.

Say it with me: I am the creator of my own reality :)

And as you have created the reality you are now in, you can create a totally different one.

You can pick whatever you want for yourself. Choose the unicorn, absolutely impossible world. Because you can. Or choose just a calm and beautiful world. Because you want to.

But whatever world you choose, know that you can create it.

And that you will create it, as soon as you start taking action towards it.

If you want to have a business that works for you, that is your purpose and that makes every Monday feel amazing. That is available to you.

If you want an amazing relationship, where you feel seen and appreciated, that’s available too.

Anything you want. That’s how your true self sees it.

If you believe the ego, if you believe that you are the ego, you’ll see all the limitations. Your ego is always busy, and it loves to tell you all the reasons why you can’t.

On the other hand, your true self sees the truth. That everything is possible. That the world is infinitely abundant. And that there is no lack of anything.

I think deep down you can feel that this is true. And that, instead of being satisfied with what life has handed you until now (which was your own creation), you can change it all. And have anything you want.

That doesn’t mean you need to feel badly about your life, as it is now. Your life is perfect right now. That’s where you start from. A place of abundance and possibilities. Because to see abundance, you need to be in abundance.

It just means that, although everything is amazing now, it can be even better. And that, if we always want more, we can always have it.

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