I know you’ve been looking for something.

For the answer to all your problems.

For the magic key that will solve everything.

You do this course, read that book, you know the answer is out there.

And that’s the problem. The main “problem”.

Which also means it’s an opportunity.

To see that the answer isn’t out there. It always has been in the only place that will give you all the RIGHT answers, for you.

Inside yourself.

We’re used to looking to the exterior for answers. We were conditioned to stop believing in ourselves. To doubt our intuition, our own decisions. We were taught that others know better.

Even in something as simple as: are we hot or cold?

I noticed that with my kids. When my oldest son was 10 months old he had Pneumonia. He was in the hospital for one week. And although he quickly responded well to the antibiotics, it was one of the scariest times of my life. Since I was told: “He has pneumonia, and it’s not small, it’s already medium size”. Until I walked out of the hospital, to continue the treatment at home, my life stopped. Nothing else mattered. I was in kind of a transe.

I didn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. I slept in the hospital, while another baby, younger then mine, was coughing non-stop, with whooping cough.

After that we went to our pediatritian who told us that most parents put too many coats on their kids and that’s a problem. They start to sweat and when they take out the cardigans and coats, they can get more serious colds. He told me that it was better to wear less coats when it’s cold.

After that I started listening more to what my son told me. It could be Winter but if he told me: “I’m not cold. I don’t want that coat”. I would listen to him.

I also started noticing other parents. And how, no matter what their kids told them, they would stuff them with cardigans and coats, to make sure they weren’t cold.

The message was: you don’t know what you’re saying. I know better. You need more heat.

That’s how we learn, step by step, that we aren’t good enough to make decisions for ourselves. We really don’t know what we’re doing. Our thinking isn’t reliable. Our feelings don’t really matter. Others know better.

The key is to trust yourself. It’s to bit by bit, start trusting yourself again.

You know what’s better. You know what you want. And it’s always been there, inside of you!

Are you listening?

Are you just pushing it aside, like others taught you?

I know it’s not easy to listen to what’s inside, especially when you’ve been disconnected from it for so long.

But it’s a process and with some practice and time, you do start listening better. And you start believing those nudges. And you start walking to the life you really want.

And a great way to listen to your intuition is to meditate and ask a question. Or jounal with a question. And go with the images or writing that come your way, don’t try to judge or change it.

Don’t edit your intuition, your higher self :)

It already knows the best way for you.

It’s everything you need to know.

Lots of love,

P.S. Get Your Big Dreams, in Style. That’s what I want for you.

Some years ago I was looking for answers outside of me. I was still looking for the right teacher or course. And I’m not going to say that it didn’t help, because of course it did. I found some great teachers that made all the difference.

But what I also learned from those teachers was that the answer is within me. My soul already knows it all.

They showed me how to go more inside, how to see the guidance and trust it. They showed me how to believe in myself again.

And much more :)

The most valuable lesson is to know that I’m not alone, I’m one with the Universe, creating my own reality.

And to create what I really want, I need to co-create with the Universe. Take inspired action.

And I also need to access my true self. My soul. To see all the possibilities.

So this is my message for today ;)

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Or send me a PM.

Talk soon

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