If you’re trying to do different actions, this is a good thing to keep in mind.

Because it helps you move forward instead of stopping because of the ego.

When we try to do something new, like..

I decided to start taking surf lessons. When you try a new thing, the ego tries to stop you, to protect you. So the ego wants you to stay on your comfort zone and do what you’re used to doing.

Because for the ego, any change is a risk. If you are surviving as it is, the ego thinks that’s enough and doesn’t want change.

In the surf lessons I thought: “I’m too old to surf, teachers don’t want to teach older people, they take longer to learn, it will take ages to learn this.” And there were the thoughts going on.

When we’re able to be aware of these thoughts and know that we’re not our mind and the thoughts are just stories that aren’t true.

They are only our interpretations. With influences from our parents, family, society, culture, etc.

We can create distance and see that we are the observer.

Instead of believing these stories and letting them stop us, we can see that we’re the observer, we aren’t these stories and limitations.

We aren’t thinking this way, it’s our ego. We are our true self, without limitations. The ego is concerned with survival and keeping us in our comfort zone – without trying anything new.

So the idea is to realize that you aren’t that story, you aren’t making that narrative. You are the observer.

Here are some exercises you can do:

One thing you can do is meditation because it helps you to be more aware.

And you can also learn more about this because as you know more you are also more aware of your thoughts and you can see that they are just stories. And just listen to the stories and continue with your action.

Next time you hear stories, think that they aren’t true and continue with your actions.


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