Today I want to tell you about this very simple key to success: staying with your emotions.

Carl Jung says the key to transforming is in the emotions.

That’s because we’ve been conditioned through emotions and for example a baby doesn’t even have words to explain what’s going on.

Emotions are what create conditioning. When we feel something strongly, intensely.

So the key to transformation is to stay with the emotion, feel it and understand what’s behind it. Face it instead of running away and so it starts to have less control over you.

But we tend to run away from emotions, we don’t want to feel.

Because it’s not easy to feel, it often seems unpleasant, specially if you’re not used to it. And we give negative labels to emotions and make it even harder to feel.

And so we try to run away, from being with emotion, from feeling and seeing what’s behind it.

But if we don’t stay with the emotion we aren’t going to the main conditioning, we are not accessing our fears or our unconscious.

So we want to stay with the emotions.

How to do it?

Feel where they are in your body. And then don’t judge them. Have a curious attitude: what does this emotion have to teach you? What lesson can we learn from the situation or the person who “provoked” this emotion. It’s not really the situation or person that causes it. The feeling, the emotion comes from within you …

What lesson can we learn from this trigger?

And you have many benefits, from staying with the emotions:

  • You talk with your unconscious
  • You have insights into what’s inside you, what’s on your mind
  • You can transform what’s going on

For example, with your business. If you have a situation where you feel an emotion, like sharing something and being afraid of the reaction of others … stay with the feeling. And listen, see what are the stories that appear … and what does it mean.

And you’ll also see that you are the awareness that’s observing and you’re no longer carried away by the stories that appear. You’ll identify more with your true self, the awareness that is watching the feelings and the stories.

In other words, if you are going through a difficult situation, the idea is to stay with the feeling, learn, observe what’s going on in your mind.

And then with your insight, you can act differently.

I hope it helps! If you have qs, let me know :)

Lots of love,

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