Today I wanted to tell you about what’s stopping you!

What do you think?

Maybe you think it’s procrastinating, lack of movitation, or doing the wrong thing.

Maybe you think it’s not being good enough, or lack of resources.

But the only thing that is really stopping you, is your mind.

And in particular, what’s in your unconscious mind. That’s the most powerful thing.

Your unconscious is calling the shots.
Although you think you’re making decisions, the decisions have been made for you.
Your conditioning tells you what to do.

Once my daughter was asking me about free will. She had studied it in philosophy and she was interested when I told her that usually, we have no choice.

I told her that we don’t have choice cause we’re conditioned to think and act a certain way. And until we are aware of that, and work with our emotions and start to become our true selfs…. we really have no choice.

I had a dream about my husband being a robot and I realized it was related to the same idea. That we are acting how we are supposed to act. How we are taught to act. And how we feel safe to act.

To stop being a robot, we need to have freedom to choose. And that happens when we start to integrate all parts of ourselves. When we accept what we don’t like in us. And then we can choose to do what we really want. Not what we feel compelled to do.

You become unstoppable, when you know who you really are, what you really want, and you have freedom to act as you want.

You can create anything you want and you are capable.

You can be who you want to be.

you can do what you want to do.

You can have what you want to have.

But most of all, you can be who you really are.

And that is the key to everything.

To become your true self.

To stop being the person you think you need to be, to be accepted and loved. And start becoming who you really are.

When you can accept yourself and love yourself. All your flaws (or what you feel are your flaws).

That’s the true meaning of life and what reveals what’s stopping you.

As you go inwards towards yourself, the exterior can start to change.

But if you try to change the exterior world, and ignore yourself, you keep repeating the same patterns, doing the same things. And getting the same results.

So start with the inner work.

Ask: What does this mean, about my mind?

Stay with the “hard” feelings. See them as opportunities. Thank everything that seems negative.

Those are the clues to change and accept yourself completely.

And to become unstoppable.

Lots of love,

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