Today I wanted to ask you: are you trusting yourself?

Are you trusting the guidance you receive?

Your way of doing things?

Today my husband told me I shouldn’t write affirmations, but do the real work. I told him this is also the real work.

But I got triggered and I realized that this was about me.

We hand the scripts and I handed him one script so he could tell me, I’m not doing the right things.

At first I was angry but then, as I journaled about how I felt about this situation… How I felt about writing affirmations… I realized I was criticizing it also. My ego was telling me:

  • Maybe you’re wasting your time
  • Maybe you’re not doing anything right
  • Maybe this doesn’t work
  • ….

That’s how our triggers are gold. Because they show us what’s really in our mind. What’s there, calling the shots. What the ego tells you and what you really believe.

Then I wrote the contrary of those thoughts:

  • I trust myself and what I’m doing
  • I’m doing a great job
  • I do everything right

And realized this is how I should be feeling. This is the level of trust in myself, that I want to have.

But I wasn’t even aware of the limiting thoughts before my husband told me: Just do it (implying the real actions ;))

If I felt I was doing the right thing, I wouldn’t care about what he said.

But we hand the scripts and tell people: Tell me this, so that I can know what to work on.

And then we can get triggered and work with the emotion that arises. With the narrative that comes with that emotion.

We can say: thanks for sharing, but I know that isn’t true. This is what I choose to be true. This is what I know. And you choose your own reality.

And you also need to stay with that emotion. To face it, so that it won’t control you anymore.

Ask the emotion: What do you need? And you’ll see what you need to focus on. The feeling you need. And you can feel the difference. And sometimes, that makes you cry because you see the truth and not the lies.

And you can also ask for an action. A different action that shows you, and the world, that you’re being a different person.

In this case, the person who trusts herself. Who knows she’s doing everything right!

What’s one action you can take today?

Or maybe you just need to do the same actions, but with this new feeling!

Lots of love,

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