Today I wanted to tell you about this idea of feeling the feelings, hearing the stories, and doing it anway.

When you’re going to start something new, like a business, or if you’re moving towards doing new things… as you’re leaving your comfort zone, you’ll feel fear and other emotions.

When you make decisions, when you compare yourself with others, you’ll have different emotions because you’re leaving your comfort zone. And the ego wants to keep you in your comfort zone.

So the goal is to feel these emotions, to hear the stories that appear like:

  • I can’t do this
  • It’s too hard
  • I don’t feel like doing this anymore

You’ll hear stories related with the emotions, and what you want to do is to not give them importance. Not believe them, because it’s only the ego wanting to keep you where you are, to “survive”.

And stay with the feelings, to integrate that emotion.

In a practical way, when you’re listening to the stories and feeling the feelings, you can get hooked. You begin to believe what you’re hearing, to enter the feeling and you get blocked.

And the goal is to be the observer, to be your true self and stay as the observer of those emotions and stories and to act any way.

If you create that distance, it will help you to not believe the stories. And it will help you to integrate that feeling and go to where you want to go.

In other words, you’ll already be the person who’s advancing and who has what you want to have: the business or career you want to have.

An exercise you can do is a quick visualization in which you close your eyes and imagine yourself looking at you, from above. With that feeling and thoughts. And that observer is who you really are.

The stories, the emotions, come from the ego. Conditioning. When you feel the emotion, it no longer has so much power over you. You start to stop having this trigger, this response.

Instead of trying to change things, to act in a different way to change the situation and the feeling… Instead of trying to understand what’s happening … you stay only with the emotion.

Hope this helps!

Lots of love,

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