Today I wanted to tell you about one way to make decisions: doing several incremental upgrades or getting what you want right away.

I remembered this because I was talking with my husband (Miguel) about our bed covers. We have had the same for years, since we were married (they were gifts from our wedding list). And the thing is I don’t mind, and I don’t even think about changing them, because I love them. They were exactly what we wanted, what we loved, and so we are happy about it.

But along the way, I have made other types of decisions. Sometimes I’ve decided that I can’t quite have what I want now because… and there are many reasons:

  • It’s too expensive
  • I need to save
  • I can get it for less
  • This is the same or almost the same (it isn’t ;))

I think you get the picture ;)

I have a friend who told me once: I prefer to wait until I can get what I really want.

And when she said that, I took a note 😉 Because I thought that it made a lot of sense. Why would I buy something that it’s not what I want, when I can have what you really want, even if it’s a little further ahead?

But then recently I also came across another idea which is, incremental upgrades. Or I noticed it more, because I already had heard it before. But in this method, you see what you want, and you start taking steps towards it. And maybe at first you can’t get the real deal, but you’re getting closer to it.

That helped me think differently about my house, for example. I’ve been thinking about: Do I really want to return to Lisbon? Or do I prefer to be here where it’s calmer?

If I’m thinking about going to Lisbon, I can take a smaller step. What will feel like an incremental upgrade. I can rent a house in Lisbon, and see how I like it there.

So I think that both ideas work.

If you already know what you want, and if you can get it right away, why opt for another option? That will just make you feel unsatisfied. And you’ll want to change it in the future. When you can just be super happy with it right away and possibly save money because you won’t be need to change anything else.

But if you aren’t sure, or if you can’t get what you want right now, or know that isn’t a good idea financially, you can ask: What’s an upgrade that brings me closer to my goal?

Or if it’s something you really don’t care too much about, you can start with level A and then go to level B, C,…

We got some wetsuits to surf recently, and although I love the surf brands like Billabong, I bought a wetsuit from a cheaper brand. I’m starting out and it’s not something that will make a lot of difference to me, at least for now.

So in my house, I’m going to do some incremental upgrades until we go to a new one (or rent a new one):

  • Do a dining room
  • Do an office in the attic
  • Take care of the garden
  • Organize the house

Those are steps that bring me closer to my ideal, to the house I love the most.

What is something that you want?

Can you get exactly what you want right now?

Or what is an incremental upgrade that you can make, towards what you want?


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