Today I wanted to talk to you about how to change your success, style or something else in your life.

And start by knowing that you see the world the way you are expecting to see the world. The way you think the world is.

What you believe in is what you’ll see in the world.

Because we are creating our lives and we give people scripts to tell them how to act.

And we also see in the world what we believe and think about.

Because that’s our interpretation. Whatever happens, we will always interpret the way we believe things are.

People will show you what you believe in. If you believe that the world is an unsafe place, that people don’t support you. That’s what you’ll see around you.

How can you change that?

Start by being aware. You see that you are the creator and you are giving people scritps. Where does this come from? And start to see, inside your mind, how you are creating what you are seeing around you.

And maybe it’s some time in your childhood, and you can try to understand the origin of this way of thinking. Of the emotion that comes with it.

When you are already conscious, you begin to see things differently. Because you no longer believe that the world is unsafe, but you know it’s your perception. And you create distance from this story.

And then you can do two things:

Step 1. Decide how you want to see the world. What is your higher self’s way of seeing things? In our example it could be: People are always there for me.

Step 2. Act like the person who thinks so. If people are always there for you, what action will you take? If you believe that 100%, how are you going to change your actions?

With your business, it’s the same thing.

For example, if you think it’s hard to find clients, that’s what you’ll see around you. It will happen.

If you think the opposite, if you see that it’s only your perception and change to: There are always clients available to me.

And you really need to believe that it’s different, it’s not just saying a sentence.

Then you’ll act like that person who believes. You’ll act differently and have different results.

With style is the same thing.

If you believe, for example, that you don’t have the natural ability to have style … you won’t be able to have it. But if you think “I can do it, I know it’s possible – and you KNOW it” – you’ll act differently.

So what action would you take today, to have more style, if you now chose to believe that yes, that you can have the style you always wanted to have?

Write down your actions and most importantly, don’t forget to do them!

And in the video I didn’t speak about this, but all this comes with emotions. Emotions show you the stories and what you’re believing.

And above all you need to be with them, to feel. To accept and understand them. They are your friends and are there to help you.

And you get closer to your true self, you integrate different parts of you.

And as you accept yourself, you change and become more of your higher self. And what you see in the world also changes, naturally.

Hope this helps!

Lots of love,

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