Today I wanted to tell you about the power of having a routine, specifically a morning routine.

I’m on vacation and I started out by rebelling against all my routines.

I didn’t feel like meditating or journaling. Or even exercising, because I figured I was going to do it later, in the dam.

So I started my days by just doing whatever I wanted.

What I discovered was that I wasn’t feeling like myself. Something was off.

So I asked myself: Why am I not doing my usual routine?

I start by writing my dreams, then meditating, then exercising.

Then I take a shower, put my lenses on, take care of my hair, put on some makeup. I usually choose a simple but good looking outfit.

And then I take breakfast and journal for a bit.

In the morning I might also read a bit.

I realized that I didn’t have my usual spots. My meditating spot. I also didn’t have things in my usual places: the makeup, the brushes, and so on.

So I organized everything. Thought about where I would do all things here, as I was going along in my day.

And today I felt like myself again :)

That made me realize the power of having your own morning routine. How wonderful it makes you feel. How it contributes for you to have a great day.

How it makes you feel more like yourself!

And it also helped me realize the power of taking care of your style and image.

In the beginning of the vacation, I noticed I didn’t have shampoo or conditioner in the bathroom, so I washed my hair with soap! It didn’t work out very well, let me tell you ;)

I couldn’t even pass my hands through my hair because it felt so stiff. My roots aren’t painted so I’m seeing all my white roots and it’s just awkward with all the hair in another color. But I thought: “Well, I’ll take care of this later, after all I’m on vacation, no one is seeing me here, who cares?”

Well, I cared it seems because as I said, I wasn’t feeling like myself.

Today I brushed my hair in the new place I have designated for that, I put on some hair mostoirizer, I used a BB cream, I organized everything to be able to do my routines here…

And I felt pretty different about my image and much happier about it.

It’s true that when you look good, you feel good.

So I wanted to share with you how your morning routine with things that are great for you and your body, and with a self-care and image part, makes all the difference.

What about you?

What is your morning routine?

Do you keep doing it in your vacations and weekends?

Lots of love,

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