Today I wanted to ask you, what is your paradigm?

What do you believe?

And are you really practicing it?

Because if you really trust, if you aren’t attached, if you really believe that everything is one thing…

Then you can’t act like you don’t believe it.

You can’t act and then be worried about the outcome, right?

If you really believe that you can trust, that what you want is coming to you, that what you need is already available in the Universe, now…

You won’t start questioning everything, doubting everything, doubting yourself…

If you really believe that things are happening for you, you won’t feel bad or discouraged when what you expected didn’t happen right away.

If you really believe there is enough for all, you won’t be envious of someone else, because you know you can have the same, or better.

If you really believe that your dreams are possible, you can’t then spend your days asking why aren’t they here yet.

If you really know that you are one with everything and everything is always available to you, you’re not afraid of lack. You won’t think that there’s not enough for you.

You can choose your paradigm. You can choose where you’re going to live.

But then, are you acting accordingly?

Are you doing the things, that the person that is in that paradigm, would do?

Are you thinking like she is?

Are you believing what she believes?

Do you see the world like she does?

For example, if you know that what you want is coming to you, that what you believe will happen. If you believe that you can create whatever you want, that you can succeed.

Then you don’t need to go look for the right strategy, worry about making the wrong decision or learn how to do it, right?

The right strategy will come to you, no decision can stop you from reaching what you know you will get, there’s nothing you need to learn.

All that you need will be provided.

The money you need, the relationships you need, the house that you need.

All will be provided when you can trust 100%. When you can believe 100%. Or at least most of the time :)

And when you act in accordance to this.

When you act like the person who trusts. Like the person who knows, no matter what’s happening, no matter how far away it seems, no matter even if things seem to be worse then ever….

Then you are the right person to receive it. Then you can have it.

So what is your paradigm?

Are you able to trust and give it your all?

Are you walking your talk… do you really see it has done. Do you have 0 doubts in your mind?

If it’s not here yet, I dare say that no. You say that you trust but then you have your plan B, just in case it doesn’t work.

You say you trust but you can’t burn all boats because, in the back of your mind, you need to be safe.

That just means you don’t believe you’re safe now. You aren’t trusting after all.

Think about it and tell me (if you want ;)): where in your life aren’t you trusting? Where in your life you’re waiting for things to happen and at the same time, you’re doubting if they will ever happen?

Where in your life are you going all in and knowing you can have this and it will happen?

See the difference?

Lots of love,

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It’s a mastermind for women who want to be successful in their lives and attract what they really want. We’re going to be focusing mostly on your work and style. we’ll be talking about the mindset and style for success.

Looks matter, we all know they do. But your mind is the main thing for any accomplishment.

In this mastermind I wanted to work closely with a group of women and help them to really change their success and style. That’s why I’ll be in the facebook group every day, helping you to reach success and style.

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The goal is to upgrade who you’re being, each week and month.

You get who you are, not what you do or want.

This is a mastermind to elevate your thinking, your style, your actions, and ultimately, who you are.

To bring the true version of you out.

Send me a message if you’d like to enter the Success & Style Mastermind! And if you have any questions or ideas, I’d love to know them.


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