I heard this phrase a long time ago, in a motivational video on you tube.

He said: “You gotta be comfortable with being uncomfortable”, some times.

I loved that phrase at the time, and felt it was true.

But I didn’t understand it’s true meaning.

At the time, I didn’t understand yet how my ego was holding me down, and trying to keep me exactly where I was. And using all the weapons it could.

Since then I learned a lot about the ego and the higher self, our true self.

And understood the difference it makes, if you listen to your ego, or to your soul.

Right now the ego was telling me things. I’m feeling a sense of fear right now, don’t know why exactly. But the stories come right away. The mind is always talking.

But I can turn instead to the music I’m listening to, to feeling inspired, to keep going inspite of my fear.

That’s the meaning of “you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

Be ok with it.

Feel the fear and do it anyway, but most of all, don’t fear the fear. Know that it can be there. That even if it’s there, that doesn’t mean you’ll stop.

when I was having my first kid, I went to the hospital and as I was laying down in the hospital bed, the nurse said: Look at her… she’s trembling. My hands were trembling, I didn’t even have noticed it. I was afraid probably, being this a whole new experience and besides… I never liked hospitals ;)

But I also had a sense of excitement, because I was finally going to meet my son. I couldn’t wait to do that! So it was a mix of feelings.

Sure as hell of one thing: I was going to have my baby, trembling or not ;)

So that’s what I want to tell you.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When you’re getting out of your comfort zone, trying something new, even if you’re trembling, even if you want to run away, know that it’s all ok.

Be ok with it, welcome it even. It just means you’re not settling for less. You’re not going to back away. You’re following your steps and nothing can stop you.

So here’s an action you can take about your style and one about your business:

With your style, wear that dress you’re afraid to wear. You may feel strange or self-conscious for a moment but it will pass!

With your business, do the things you think you can’t. Act just to be of service, don’t ask for results. Decide on your results and then just act to help. AND, DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU.

In your relationship, what’s your vision? What actions do you need to take? You already know what they are. Maybe you need to go on a date, with a new person or your husband. Maybe you’re afraid of how it will go.

It’s in that momemt that you need to schedule it… and going on the date is the action. What happens afterwards doesn’t matter. You already got out of your comfort zone.

And that’s it!

Hope it helps!!!

Lots of love,

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That’s what I believe at least.

Having someone that keeps you accountable, that can bring you to your vision, believe in you, show you the path you’ve chosen when you forgot it…

It’s priceless.

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