When you’re in those disempowering states, when all hell seems to break lose…

Can you gain that distance and really be the observer?

Can you stop identifying with the ego, with the voice inside you telling you things.. and just observe what it’s saying?

The problem is when we go along, when we identify with the ego and start beliving all that it says.

And the problem also is that the ego says whatever it wants to keep you small, to keep you where you are, and to keep you where you’ve always been.

So maybe you were on your merry way to reach some goal. Maybe you want to change your style or your health or your love life.

And you’re trying real hard because that’s how you see it play out in the external World. Things are hard. People fight for what they want.

But now it becomes easier. You’ve been at if for a while, and it starts to feel easier.

Maybe you learned about your style and now you can put up some good outfits. Maybe you learned a new tool about relationships and you’re feeling in love again.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t feel right. It’s awkward. It’s not how it’s supposed to be.

And then your ego starts to panic… this isn’t right, this is dangerous, I have to do something about it.

And this time it comes, but it brings all the army along with it.

It has avalanches of things to tell you ;). All the reasons your partner sucks, you suck, it won’t work out. It’s showing you that you’re spending too much on clothes, style doesn’t matter, why are you being so superficial?

And on and on it can go!

In those moments, can you get back to being the observer?

Separate yourself completely from your ego, from all the stories, all the things and just watch. Like an antropologist learning some habits of the ego:

“Well now here’s the ego. It’s saying that I suck. It’s saying that I’ll never get this style thing right. It’s saying that I can’t have what I want, that it’s not for me, I don’t deserve it.”

If you’re watching the ego, and studying it, maybe taking some notes? ;)… then you aren’t the ego. You’re the observer. That’s who you really are.

The observer is at peace, just interested in learning more about the ego. And what it has been saying, all this time.

So here are two things you can do, to be the observer:

  1. Meditate – it will help you be more aware
  2. When things start getting mad around you ;) take a step back and watch the ego. Or rise above yourself and watch from that viewpoint. Be the observer, be at peace, and let the stories come and go. They are just stories. They don’t define you.

And you’ll be ok again.

Lots of love,

P.S. Soul Led Life. Is that what you want?

To be led by your higher self, instead of your ego?

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Photo: Maya Gypsy

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