Everyone Loves You

Today I wanted to tell you about this idea:

Everyone loves you!

What if you could believe that everyone loves you?

What if you weren’t afraid of the judgment of others?

What if you could do anything you wanted, and know you’d be safe, ok, accepted?

Isn’t that the dream?

How many times do we stop ourselves because we are afraid of what others will think? Of what others will do? Of what others are thinking right now about us?

Yesterday I went surfing.

I’m 47, I had some lessons, but I went without a teacher. A friend told me to go alone, to the foam of the waves, and practice there.

But it wasn’t as easy as I was expecting. I was afraid of being in the waves with a big board and without a teacher. I didn’t feel comfortable with a board attached to me, some bigger waves and not having a teacher to tell me when to catch the wave.

And one thing that really annoyed me was that in my vision of surfing, the beach would be just for me. There would be no one watching. Lol.

Of course there were loads of people on the beach, lots of people surfing. And I kept thinking: I’m making a fool of myself. What are people thinking? I can’t even stand up alone in the board…

For a moment there I thought about getting out and coming again with less people. But that was just for a moment because I’m pretty aware of what I’m thinking.

And I decided: No, I don’t care what others think (they probably aren’t even looking at us ;)). I’m going to surf because I want to surf. I’m going to take my time. I’m going to do it my way.

When I made that decision, I felt stronger. I got out of my negative mind, of my ego. I was able to catch the only wave where I stood up and it was great. I did it with no teacher, although my husband was there to help me ;)

But it was a great feeling, my first wave without a teacher. And then I kept learning more about the waves, when to catch them, and so on.

Today I had this message from my Higher Self:

Everyone loves you.

That’s the right way of seeing the World.

There is only love.

The problem is when we expect that people won’t like us, will judge us, aren’t there for us.

What if you were totally loved? Always taken care of? What if you could be all of you?

What would that free you up to do?

Let me know in the comments below.

I love you!

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