The goal is focusing on where you’re going and having a clear vision for where you’re going

You can do that with journaling, for your style you can have a picture of a person that has the style you want, and you keep it some place where you see it regularly so you don’t forget where you’re going. And you make that outcome a priority

When you do that, you start to set time aside for your goal. You need to have some time for the outcome you want.

For your style, you can set 3 times per week, when you do different outfits and learn more about style. You can also use my style app for that (I have a surprise about it coming soon).

And you can use pictures from the Internet, and try to replicate the outfits with things from your closet.

So you want to have some time dedicated to the outcome you’re trying to reach.
And in that time, if you don’t know what to do, start by finding out. In the first day you can figure out what you’re going to do.

With your style, you can schedule time to choose a different outfit, have some time to learn about it, some time to put make up on.

If it’s your business you need to figure out, what you’re going to do, having some kind of a plan. Even if you’re following your intuition, you need a strategy to know what to do moving forward and then you adapt it with what comes up from your intuition.

And a good way to use your intuition to guide you is to do meditations, connect more with your higher self. And you do that by meditating, journaling. Asking yourself the right questions. For style you can ask – how can I improve my style?

Instead of going to I don’t know what to do, you want to ask empowering questions that help you move forward.

You can ask – what is the right path regarding my style?
What can I start doing and stop doing?

And you can also use the help of someone who has traveled the path that you want to go on.

So here’s an exercise you can do:

Journal or meditate about these questions:
– how can I improve my style (or business, relationships, etc)
– What do I need to start doing about my style (or business, relationships, etc)
– What do I need to stop doing about my style (or business, relationships, etc)

Have fun!

Lots of love,

P.S. I have one thing to help you create your vision:

Some coaching sessions I’m offering, leading to a new coaching package called Fast Forward to Success. We talk about your vision for an area of your life – style, business, love relationship – what’s keeping you stuck, blocking you. And we create a plan to move forward. To schedule your session, send a message to


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