Today I wanted to tell you about an example of using your feelings.

How it worked today, for me, about my surf lesson. Or the possibility of doing one.

I was feeling anxious about scheduling a lesson.

So I stayed with that feeling.

I closed my eyes and asked it: What is this about?

And I heard: the fear of big waves, of falling again, of being too tired in the end, of having a lesson without a mask, and so on…

Lots of things came up and I felt better about acknowledging them. About understanding what’s going on inside my mind.

And then I asked: what do you need to feel better?

And I saw myself catching a wave and felt just how great it feels to do that.

That’s when I felt inspired to schedule my lessons again.

Since this morning, I’d been struggling to decide. Feeling anxious, not knowing what to do. Frustrated about not being able to decide what was better.

To do the lesson, or to not do it.

Am I pushing too hard? Is this what I really want – to learn quickly and have lessons almost every day? Or is this just anxiety, a story that I need to learn quicker or I’m missing the boat?

But when I stayed with the feeling, it all became clearer to me.

It’s, once again, my ego trying to stop me. Pointing out all the obstacles and fears and things that might go wrong. And it’s doing it’s job which is a valid one.

Some fears actually are important, like wearing a mask and feeling protected.

But on the other side, is the happiness that comes with surfing. And I was able to see that, instead of focusing on the things that aren’t as comfortable, I was able to make other types of decisions.

I hope this helps you understand the power of working with your feelings. They are there for a reason. And you can talk with them.

You can see new possibilities.

You can make new decisions.

And if you’d like help to stay with some feeling, I have a free visualization that guides you through that. You can check it out in my Calm & Powerful workshop (get it at the end of the post).

I hope you start working with your feelings, seeing what’s in your mind, thanking the ego and moving towards what you really want.

Lots of love,

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