Many times we feel unworthy, that we aren’t good enough to do certain things.

Our ego tells you what’s possible, and it’s not pretty ;)

So you fall back into the limitations, what you can’t do, what’s not possible for you.

Your ego is always telling you what you shouldn’t do. Because it wants to keep you “safe”. Where you are now.

But what if you could go into your higher self, your true self?

What if you could feel you are truly connected to everything?

To the Universe?

What if you could feel that you were guided?

That you are REALLY in the right place?

An experience of being connected and of really knowing.

I had that experience in the water, the other day. When I was entering the ocean, I looked at my feet and I felt: this is meant for me. And I really knew it, inside. It felt amazing!

When you become your true self, you see that you are unlimited. That you can be the best in the world at what you want. You see possibilities, instead of limitations.

What if, instead of going for a small spot. A small place in your work. Whatever you feel is your capacity when you’re in ego…

You could transcend that and go for a new place. A new place that already exists within yourself, where you are ready to do what you want to do.

You are already complete.

You are already worthy.

You are already capable of doing anything you want.

What if you could be the best in the World at your work? At the fitness level? In your relationship?

If you could see yourself as the best in the World, and think and act like the person who is the best, what would you do differently in your life?

What if you’d add just a bit of being the best in the world to what you’re doing right now?

And one exercise you can do, is to write in your journal, or meditate about:

Now that I’m the best in the world at <…> I …

And you write what you think, what you believe, how you act.

Try it out today and write 5 actions, 5 different things that you’d do!

And then choose at least one of those actions, and do it.

And know that you are already that person. You are already “the best in the world”. You are one with everything. It’s all possible for you.

Act from that inner knowing. From all possibilities.

Than you are really powerful.

Lots of love,

P.S. Want to get to know yourself on a deeper level? Be open to the possibilities around you?

When you have a certain state of mind, you’re not even aware of the opportunities. You can’t be in a world of abundance, when you’re focused on lack.

What you see, really is what you get.

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