Today I wanted to tell you about those days when things aren’t working out… when you feel you can’t take it anymore.

I had one of those days recently, and many more before and throughtout the years.

One thing I learned was to not say “I can’t take it anymore”.

But you know, those days when you can’t get out of the ego.

When it tells you all the lies and you go along with them. And you don’t have the strength, or the will or capacity (I don’t know) to see… to rise above it and see yourself as the observer.

And you go along with the thoughts of all the things that are wrong, the bad “what ifs”, into a downward spiral that seems to have no end…

Today I wanted to tell you that tomorrow will be better. Or some time soon.

Maybe you can then see the ego for what it is, just thoughts in your mind. And you can let them go and see that the truth is something so much greater, complete and good.

Maybe you can get a bit of distance or stop thinking for a moment and just be present.

Maybe you can enjoy a little talk with your kids. Or go outside and look at the ocean, put your feet in the sand.

Maybe you have a glimpse of the truth. That things aren’t as bad as you’re making them, and never were.

Maybe you can connect to your true self and know that everything is ok. And everything will be ok.

We are living unprecedented times.

My kids are going to school in less than optimal conditions. I don’t want them to go, they want to go, my husband wants them to go… sometimes it seems that nothing is easy, things are complicating, stuff is piling on.

And although I know better than to go along with these ideas, thoughts, ilusions… I still go along with them. Like a happy follower of all things usual and common.

Then I think about my patterns. This is a pattern, why do I keep doing this to myself? And instead of having compassion, I pile one more feeling of disgust or disappointment, for “failing yet another time” (another pattern 😉).

I think that the most important thing is to not add those feelings of “I’m doing everything wrong”, to situations that maybe are hard and difficult to resolve.

To love ourselves and have compassion for ourselves, even if we really are doing some things wrong. It’s our conditioning, no one is perfect.

And you always have exactly what you need, to get to the other side.

Then one day the sun comes up, you look outside your window and you know everything is ok again.

Lots of love,


Do you want to live your life from soul? To have success on your own terms?

The other day I had this idea for a new course called Soul Led Life.

And I wanted to ask for your opinion!

What do you think?

Are you interested in living a life that is led more from your soul. From what is truly important to you?

I started being more attuned to my intuition, to my soul, a few years ago.

It’s a process and the more you make it a daily practice, to connect to your soul, to your higher self, the more guidance you receive.

It’s really magical to create a life from that place.

Instead of being driven by the ego, you are driven from the truest part of you. Your true self.

I’m also thinking about doing this course as part of a new membership with the same name: Soul Led Life.

Here’s what’s included in that membership:

  • Monthly challenges or full courses about topics that we find interesting and needed. You’ll have a chance to choose them.
  • Those courses and challenges include a weekly training or daily challenges, about success, relationships, your mind, personal style. These trainings will be in video, audio or PDF.
  • The topics are soul alignment, success, relationships, mindset and style.
  • You’ll have strategies and tools to apply practically in your day to day.
  • And there is a Facebook group. You can ask your questions over there and I’ll be there daily to help.

The price is really affordable because I want you to be able to learn and grow and then maybe decide that you want to work more with me, in other programs.

But for some people the membership will be enough and that’s great.

I was thinking about asking for your opinion but now I’m feeling that it’s the perfect idea!

You can get support for your life, learn about your mind and how it’s creating your life, start connecting to your higher self to get the best answers for you.

And finally we’re also working on your personal style!

I’ll be sharing also what I’m learning because what I teach will always have my latest experiences ;)

The membership seems like a perfect way to help women in a safe container, and to give you some 1:1 coaching in a simple and efficient way.

If you want the link to join, send me a PM, since I’m not doing a sales page for this offer!

Hope to see you there. And remember that you can cancel anytime.

If this is something that you’d love, if you want ongoing support in your life right now, at an amazing price point… send me a message to and I’ll send you the link to join.


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