Today I want to tell you about being the true self and not the persona, the ego. Who is guiding you?

Sometimes we are guided by the divine in us, we feel inspired to do something, like I was to write this post.

But then the ego creeps in. It’s telling us why it’s a bad idea, why we shoulnd’t do it. Why it’s a crazy idea, ridiculous or dangerous. Or it’s just a feeling, a feeling of fear, that makes you want to stop.

And when you feel that feeling, or when you think that thought, what are you going to do?

Are you going to continue being your higher self, your true self?
Or are you going to believe the made up story of the ego?

And it’s not about wanting to completely stop the ego. Because it has been there to protect us and help us survive. But there comes a time when it’s not helping us anymore.

And that’s when we can say, thank you for protecting me, but I’m in the driver’s seat now. I am powerful, I’m connected to everything. I can take care of this, I can handle it. We are safe. Everything is going to be ok.

Right now I can feel the doubts coming in again. Am I explaining this right? Can people understand it? Could I share something better?

But on I go, because I’m not stopping myself from doing what I’m inspired to do.

How do you know if it’s inpiration? Because inspiration comes from love, from creation, creativity. Inspiration creates something new, or makes you feel amazing and connected. It helps you see the world as the most incredible place full of possibilities.

While the ego comes from fear and limitation. It tells you all you can’t do, shouldn’t do, and are crazy for doing!

Yes, you are better off following inspiration, following your soul, althought your ego will try always to tell you the opposite. That you are safer and better off following it. Staying low, not causing too much waves, maybe even disappearing a bit?

So what is it going to do?

Are you going to follow soul or fear?

I hope it’s soul!

Here’s what you can do, the next time you’re making a decision: Ask yourself – is this my ego or my soul? Does this come from fear or from love? And then choose soul, always.

Lots of love,

P.S. Soul Led Life! Do you love it?

That’s been my focus in the past few years, living more from my soul, learning what my higher self is trying to tell me. Connecting more to my intuition and to everything.

Changing my way of thinking also, my beliefs, the way I see the world.

Being more spiritual and following a soul led life.

Do you want to do the same? To live from possibility instead of fear and doubt? To see all that’s open ahead, that life only keeps getting better and better instead of falling into the same old limitations and patterns?

Then send me a message or email to and I’ll tell you more about it!


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