Today I want to tell you about the program Create your Style of the Season!

I decided to do the program Create your Style of the Season because I realized that I ended up using variations of the same main outfits, as well as the bloggers / instagram women I follow.

And that when you have the basic, simpler pieces, you can make this kind of outfits: that never go out of style, that always look good.

I also saw that my clients were interested in this, in having a set of simple outfits, which they can always wear. And then also know how to put something different together and how to use the trends.

Trends are good for adding something current, but we don’t need to be enslaved by the trends. Now I no longer worry about what everyone is wearing.

The other day my daughter wore a white round skirt to school, which was trendy some years ago. Now you don’t see these skirts in stores, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn, or that they don’t look super cute.

This is to say that when you know the basics and the classics and when you know how to combine different pieces to make outfits that work, trends are not important.

In this course I will give you the trends of this season just to add something new, and to know what to look for in stores – but personalized for you. And I’m also going to tell you how to use trends in a practical way.

But the Create Your Style of the Season course is also about seeing that simple outfits look good in all the seasons.

You’ll also see how to adapt the outfits to your body and your tastes.

And at the beginning I send a survey to answer by email, so we get an idea of ​​what you need to improve your style and I give you some personalized advice so you can be successful with your style.

I think you’ll love the program because it helps you with:

  • starting to love your style, feel good about your image and dress quickly every day
  • having defined outfits for day-to-day, which makes dressing up every morning easy and fun. And you’ll feel cute and well.
  • knowing which pieces to buy to have simple looks and then how to make them more sophisticated/original with some modifications, if you want to.
  • knowing how to use the new trends, in a simple and practical way: exactly which trends to use and how, for you: your body type and tastes.
  • having 1: 1 follow-up and answer all your questions
  • feeling good in any situation, comfortable and at ease
  • having a wardrobe with some key pieces, without confusion
  • being able to dress well without having to spend a lot or waste a lot of time

And you also receive a bonus, when you enter the program until the 19th of October (the day we start):

A style coaching call, in which we talk about what’s blocking you from changing your image and how to advance quickly in your goal of transforming your style.

See more about the program below:

Create Your Style of the Season

Many kisses!!!


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