Face ALL the Feelings + Do It Anyway 🐬🐬🐬

Today I wanted to tell you about facing your feelings.

About not running away, trying to escape to all the other things.

All the things are great, but not if you are going there to run away, to hide away.

Where are you hiding? Where are you going?

Wherever you are, there is you!

And you can’t get rid of yourself… no matter how much you try.

After drinking, eating, working… you can escape for a moment, but the feelings will come again.

They demand to be heard and until you do, they won’t leave you alone.

So here’s what you can do:

It’s not as strange as it seems ;)

Just feel them.

Just let yourself feel all the feelings. Stay with them. Let them tell you what’s going on inside of yourself. What’s bothering you.

But also know that the stories that you’re hearing aren’t true. They’re just an interpretation of reality. The interpretation you made when you didn’t know better.

What other interpretation is there?
How can you see it differently?

There is always a higher perspective, another way of seeing the World.

You can see it from love, or from fear! Which one are you going to choose?

Love wins of course, unless you like to feel miserable ;)

So the key is to face your feelings, feel them, let them run through your body.

And at the same time, know the stories are false and you don’t need to go on a downward spiral.

It’s just a feeling, an emotion, an energy going through your body. You don’t need to label it or give it a meaning that it doesn’t have.

Feeling will help you with that emotion. It will help you understand it and integrate it.

Don’t run away from it.

Because it will find you, wherever you are ;)

And then, go on with your day.

Do the things you told yourself you were going to do. Or the things you decide today to do.

Act like nothing is going on, act like the person who already has all that you want.

Because you are that person inside, and you can be that person now.

So, for your style, what would you wear if you had the style you want to have?

For your business, what would you do, if you had the business you want to have?

Be that person now!

You can do it.

And if you think you can’t, stay with that emotion. Say thank you to the stories, get on the driver’s seat and keep moving towards all the possibilities. All the scenarios. The movie you want your new story to be.

What is that movie? See it in your mind, play it out.

Get behind the wheel and drive.

Go to your new house, enjoy the garden.

Work in your new work that is your passion.

Embrace your husband.

Wear the dress and the earrings.

Do anything you want!

You deserve it, you can have it, and it is yours now :)

Here’s what you can do:

Next time you feel a “negative” feeling, or a “positive” feeling, focus on it. Notice where it is in your body. Really feel it.

Listen to the stories and be the observer. Just observing what are those stories, what you are telling yourself – what your ego is thinking.

And then ask the feeling what it needs to feel better. Let your higher self give you a better perspective.

And if you don’t know how to do this, and want a guided meditation to help you, I have one for you here: Calm & Powerful Workshop

Enter your info, get my email, and then just hit play and follow along.

Lots of love,

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