Today I wanted to tell you the second part of my style story.

You can see the first part here:

So if you remember we were reaching the transformation… :)

That’s when things changed!!!

Up until then, I never really believed I could have style. I thought that some women were naturally born with style, and others weren’t. And I was one of the women who had no style, and never would.

But I was so sick and tired of it that I remember thinking to myself: That’s it. I’m going to have style, no matter what!
And when I said it, I really felt it.

There would be no more excuses and I was going to find a way.

And when I made that decision, everything changed.

I had no plan, but I knew that I’d find a way. And very soon after the decision, I did find my plan!

The Plan

I finally found a method that showed me exactly how to create different outfits and how to combine the pieces together to make a look that looks good.

And it was my husband who pointed it out to me.

I love collecting information (in fact, I’d realize later on that it’s one of my 5 core strengths) and I was always collecting amazing fashion pictures, hoping that by looking at them, I would learn how to dress better. And to use them as inspiration to create outfits for me.

But it never worked because I had so many pictures and when I wanted to wear something specific, I couldn’t find it in the middle of all that information.

That’s when my husband (who’s a computers engineer) asked me: why don’t you classify the pictures?

And right away I knew that was the secret to make it work.

I thought: you are a genius and I told him. I jumped and I celebrated because I knew that would solve it.

So now I could search for specific pieces that I was going to wear, and find all the looks with that piece and see how other stylish women were wearing that piece. What were the shoes, the colours, the jacket?

And suddenly, I was able to start creating different outfits that looked really good. I started feeling confident about my looks and loving the outfits I did for fashion events and other occasions.

But I Still Had Some Problems

I still had to use my system all the time because I couldn’t do things intuitively, by myself. I still had to copy the outfits from other women.

I also was afraid that someone would notice that my outfits were copies. Of course that was very unlikely because I never had the exact same pieces as the pic but I was worried anyway.

On the other hand, I still hadn’t find my own personal style, what I really loved. And I still chose some pieces that weren’t ideal, because I didn’t pay that much attention to details.

Found a solution…

So I decided to create a system for practicing. My idea was that after practicing for a while, it would become easier and easier.

And after some months of consistent practice, everything become more easy and intuitive.

I started creating outfits I loved. I started to understand better what was my style, by noticing the outfits that I liked the most and loved to wear. I was also able to find pieces that I needed to buy so I could make a specific outfit that I loved.

I started loving my style!!!

I felt proud of my style and I was also able to show my kids how to do it.

Sometimes I felt like the most well dressed in the room, instead of the worst dressed :)

I started to feel at ease and confident at events and parties. I didn’t care about what other people wore, because I wasn’t self-conscious anymore. I was just enjoying my party and my outfit. I loved my sense of style!

It brought me a new confidence and a new love for style and clothes. I could go to a store and wear any piece and also know how I was going to wear any piece. And if I had any doubts, I knew I could always use my system to help me.

My husband also started noticing my style. And I felt that he should definitely have his eyes on me since I felt so amazing about my new looks!

Now I love my style and feel that my clothes show who I am. I feel at ease and confident in my clothes and I don’t worry as much about what I’m wearing and what will people think. I’m able to take risks with style and wear different pieces and outfits.

I stopped worrying about trends (in fact I just use trends when I want to) and I started wearing everything in my closet, with confidence.

And I’m also able to help other women.

My business changed because now I know I can help woman get rid of the chains of fashion, trends, and the ins and outs of magazines. And start having fun with fashion and their style.

Show them that they can be themselves and look amazing while doing it.

Transformation Complete

After creating my system, I was able to help thousands of women have style, and start changing the World.

I now feel I’m creating something meaningful. I have a mission to empower women, and one of the ways is with their style.

And in the end, all of this means that I’m now able to be there for my kids, while I work doing what I love.

Hope you liked this story!

Lots of love,

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