How to trust yourself more

Today I wanted to talk to you about those times when you question everything and don’t trust yourself!

Maybe you have an idea, which sounds good, but in the next moment you’re asking: Is this right?

For example, the room here in my loft has a lot of humidity, for me that was obvious because in Winter, the clothes would smell like humidity. But my husband and father insisted that it wasn’t true, that there was no humidity at all.

This year my husband bought a gadget to see the humidity and of course it’s very humid.

But they insisted on it so much, that I started to doubt myself….

Has this happened to you?

When other people are so convinced of their truth, that we begin to doubt ours?

That used to be my daily routine.

And only now am I starting to change.

But it’s hard and sometimes it seems that I went backwards. Because I find myself, once again, doing what others think is best, and forgetting what I think.

I’m doubting a lot of things lately, but I think it’s because I’m noticing more because I’m more aware.

What’s the key to stop doubting and believing in myself more?

As I decided the other day: it’s to believe in me!

When I say something, believe in my perception of things …

Of course, perception can also be false, because our interpretation is not reality. But the other person’s perception is also not reality.

That is why we never have to leave what we feel and think is right, to accept what others think first.

So go more towards you.

Your opinion is what counts the most for you.

And if you’re in the illusion, at least it’s your illusion.

And you can deal with it in other ways;)

For example, if what you see around you is a lack of abundance, that’s your illusion but you can start to focus on the opposite, in all the abundance that surrounds you.

You can stay with the feeling of lack of abundance and see where it comes from.

And other techniques and tools you can use.

And change the illusion to whatever you want it to be.

But this work is yours, interior, it has nothing to do with the opinion of others ;)

So, go towards you.

And you’ll start to have more confidence in yourself.


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